Weekly Training Recap

So I’m finally done with one of my classes which means I was able to get to the Tuesday night Marathon Sports run club for the first time in months – definitely missed running with this group!

I still have an online class and then in July I’ll be starting another in person class – in the meantime though I’ll be starting to study for the GRE’s, so definitely keeping busy!

It’s starting to feel like summer on the Cape and Jason and I have been getting out and enjoying some of our favorite summer time activities like yoga on the beach and paddle boarding – I love that we live here and we can take advantage of doing this stuff whenever we have some free time (not that we have much of that!).

RECAP (5/11-5/17)

Monday – none

Tuesday – Chemistry Final!

Wednesday – none

Thursday – none

Friday – 75 minute yoga class & 3 mile run

Saturday – 90 minutes Yoga on the Beach

Yoga on the beach has been one of my favorite Cape Cod activities for the past few years.  Today was the kick off for this season and I was so excited to be able to be there!

Memorial Day Yoga on the Beach

Sunday – Johnny Kelley Half Marathon

If you haven’t read my recap yet we had a great run, Jason totally crushed his goal of finishing his second half marathon in under 2 hours finishing in 1:54:56!

Johnny Kelley Half Finish Pic

Weekly Mileage –  16 miles 

RECAP (5/25-5/30)

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 3 mile run with Marathon Sports run club

Wednesday – FTC Track Workout, 3 miles interval speed work

Thursday – none

Friday – none

Saturday – 75 minutes yoga on the beach and 1 hours SUP

Wow was it foggy during this paddle!  We literally couldn’t see our way back to the shore, it was kind of creepy!

Foggy SUP

Sunday – got lazy and napped after work instead of running – oops!

Weekly Mileage – 6 miles

2015 Mileage – 340 miles


Jason and I completed our spring goal race and have gotten started on some Cape Cod summer fun!  In the next week or so I’m going to be putting together my training plan for my fall marathon and I’ll hopefully be back on track with some training since I’ve been a little all over the place running wise while focusing on my classes this spring.

I don’t have any races on my calendar for the summer other than the Falmouth Road Race, but I may look for a local 5k or 10k so we’ll see what I find!

What’s your next race?

Do you avoid summer races?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I have avoided summer training in the past because even when I’m inside, it’s so hot. I’m a sweaty mess when I’m done and then just feel so gross driving home.

  2. Oh my gosh I’ve been stressing about my lack of plan for MCM. Will you please send me yours? Can’t wait to see you soon!!!!!!!

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