Day 1.

Today was my first official day of PT school.

It was only orientation, so all we did was listen to professor introductions, do some “get to know you” activities with other students and take care of some IT housekeeping, so overall it wasn’t the most exciting day, but at the same time it’s overwhelming to think this day I have been working towards for a couple of years now has come and gone and I’m officially a doctor of physical therapy student.


After class I stopped at our condo, changed and went out for a quick run (my first since a miserable half marathon a little over a week ago, but more on that later…) and on my run it really sort of hit me.


I live in Boston (well Monday-Thursday for now, I’ll still be on Cape Cod for the weekends!) and I’m actually really in Physical Therapy school.

And while I’ve been working on prerequisite classes for over 2 years, applied to schools over 8 months ago and accepted at a school 3 months ago, I think there’s a part of me that still wasn’t really sure this day was ever going to come.

So, I’ve made it to the starting line.

Now to work my way towards the finish line!

Never Give Up Quote



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