My Interview with Meb.

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from KT Tape that said this:

“In anticipation of the upcoming 2016 NYC Marathon, I wanted to provide you with the opportunity to speak with three-time Olympian and NYC (2009) and Boston (2014) Marathon champion Meb Keflezighi, in advance of the race.”

Meb Boston Finish

Ummm, what?!?  Are you kidding!  YES PLEASE!

Seriously, what an AMAZING opportunity!

Unfortunately I wasn’t going to be in New York for the Marathon, so we discussed a phone interview, but ultimately because of my school schedule and Meb’s schedule at the NYCM expo, we couldn’t coordinate a good time to chat, so we settled on an e-mail interview (still amazingly awesome!!).

I had the chance to meet Meb once before at the Falmouth Road Race expo shortly after he won the Boston Marathon.  I’ve always been in awe of how he manages to be so professional and so personable at the same time.  He is a hard worker and truly an athlete and person to look up to, I am so humbled to have had the opportunity to ask him some questions!

FRR Meeting Meb

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to ask him.  I heard Meb speak at the Falmouth Road Race expo, I’ve read both of his books and plenty about him on the internet.  He’s told his life story (fascinating if you haven’t read Run to Overcome!) and shared his training plans and running advice (Meb for Mortals – another great read!).  I really wanted to think of some unique questions…some not 100% running related and questions that were really specific to my and my readers interests.

So, here’s what I went with – enjoy! 

Danielle:  I’m currently a student in physical therapy school, so I’d love to know if you’ve had any experience with physical therapy after your injuries, and if so, is there anything you took away from the experience to help keep you healthy and injury free during your training?

MEB:  I lived in physical therapy through my college and professional career. I’ve learned a lot through my injuries to do exercise (doesn’t always have to be physical therapy), but maintaining the drills and exercises that they give you. I’ve learned early on in my career that injuries are part of competing. That’s one of the reasons I’m working with KT Tape as it provides pain relief and support during training. As an athlete, it’s all about preserving the body. One mistake or common misconception about physical therapy is that it’s only used to rehabilitate one’s self from an injury, but that’s not the case.

(**Danielle’s Note – LOVE LOVE LOVE that he pointed out that PT isn’t only about rehabilitation!  Pre-hab is SO important to staying healthy and pain free!)

Danielle:  I’m returning to school to change careers in my mid-30’s.  Before I made the decision, I was worried I was “too old” to go back to school – I believe you may have some similar experience in this area?  What would you say to someone who feels they are too old to go after a goal or follow a dream?

MEB:  It is never too late to get educated and continue to learn. Especially as a marathoner, people thought my career was over a long, long time ago – almost a decade now. That’s why you believe in what you’re trying to do versus what others say you can and can’t do. Only you know what you’re capable of accomplishing and I just say go for it.


Danielle:  I consider Cape Cod home and know you have a wonderful history with the Falmouth Road Race, I’d love to know what is it about Falmouth and the Falmouth Road Race that keeps you coming back?

MEB:  Cape Cod is an amazing place – very scenic route of the Falmouth Road Race. What keeps me going back is the right distance, which is 7 miles, the host family (Womboldt’s) – I don’t stay in hotels.

FRR Flag

Danielle:  Lastly, do you have a favorite place you’ve traveled to (for a race or otherwise) and is there any place you’d still like to visit?

MEB:  All my travels have been for business, mainly. There are places that I’d like to go for leisure for a second time around (Paris, Rome, and many others) as I visited them initially for athletic purposes and business, so I couldn’t take them in entirely. For instance, when you’re training, you can’t enjoy gelato.

Ok, so as if I didn’t already love Meb enough, the answer to this question has sealed the deal – he wants to go back to ROME to eat GELATO?!  We were seriously meant to be friends.  I mean I am practically an EXPERT at eating gelato in Rome!  (Also, maybe that’s where I’m going wrong with my running…my training plans always include gelato!)

Rome Gelato.jpg

Thank you so much to KT Tape for this AMAZING opportunity and for your literal support while I’m running – I’m not sure my knees or feet would have made it through many a race without you!

If you haven’t tried it, be sure to check out KT Tape PRO Extreme for pain & support in extreme conditions and their KT Recovery+ ICE/HEAT Compression Therapy System, it’s a great way to treat your muscles post-run or workout! 

8 thoughts on “My Interview with Meb.

  1. So cool!! Lovvvve your question & his answer about switching careers in your 30s (pretty much like me!) And how he said it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks! I am so glad you guys did this :)) –Jess

  2. Wow! Such a great post! Loved reading Meb’s answers. And kudos to you for thinking of some fun, creative questions. 🙂

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