Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (6/1-6/7)

Monday – none

Tuesday – 3 miles (run club)

Wednesday – 3 miles speed work (Falmouth Track Club)

Thursday – none

Friday – 75 minute yoga class

Love working on challenging poses!  Backbends are particularly difficult for me because of an old back injury so this pose has been a work in progress! 

Yoga Scorpian

Saturday – 90 minutes Yoga on the Beach

Sunday – taught 2 hour yoga workshop & 1 hour Yoga for Runner’s at Marathon Sports!

Marathon Sports Yoga

Weekly Mileage –  6 miles 

2015 Mileage – 346 miles


Wow, got a little lazy with the running this week!  I was definitely focused on yoga this week getting ready for the Yoga 101 workshop I hosted and the yoga for runner’s class.  I love sharing yoga with others and it was definitely a treat to lead some of my fellow run club-ers in an hour practice on Sunday afternoon!

I also spent some time working on some summer yoga projects which I’m exited about – I’ll share more soon!

My goal this week is to get my Marine Corps Marathon training plan on paper and get started with my training!  I’m also headed to Virginia this weekend where I’ll get to see some of my running friends – I can’t wait!

Tangled Walk

Madison wrapping Jason & I up on a walk!

Do your running friends live nearby or far away?

Summer’s almost here – who’s excited?!?

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