Why have I never done yoga on a beach before today?!?

After finding this flyer at the marketplace coffee shop my cousin Jessica and I decided this was something we definitely needed to do!

We met up around 7:40am and walked the 5 minutes down to New Seabury Beach Club where we were met by Don and Nancy of Yoga on the Beach.  Nancy was raking the sand (so there wouldn’t be any large rocks or shells in our way) and Don showed us where to set up our mats.

Once a group of about 20 were set up and ready Don led us through an hour and a half long vinyasa style yoga practice and it was amazing, or as he put it luxurious…the warmth of the sun, the sound of the waves, a slight salty breeze and looking up and seeing nothing but blue for miles. Yes, luxurious is definitely the right word.

It was interesting doing yoga in the sand.  It definitely challenged my balance in certain poses, but at the same time it helped to anchor in for support in others.  I eventually abandoned my mat and practiced right in the sand.  There’s something about wiggling your does down into the sand that is so relaxing!

Jessica and I (center in the grey tank tops)

We finished with the most relaxing Sea-vasana (yes, they call it Sea-vasana!) I have ever experienced, the sound of the water and warmth of the sun created an atmosphere you just can’t experience in a yoga studio or at home!  Since they offer classes Monday-Saturday I’m sure I’ll be back before vacation is over!

**Thanks to my wonderful husband Jason for taking a walk down to take some pictures of Jessica and I!

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