Weekly Training Recap and Goals

RECAP (7/16-22)

I can’t believe the first two weeks of our vacation are over!  It’s going by so quickly, but it’s been great to have the time to relax and unwind after a really busy work season!  Hopefully one day we’ll figure out how to move up here!

Maushop Village, New Seabury (Cape Cod)

Monday –  3 mile easy run

Tuesday –  rest day

Wednesday –  pushed run to Thursday morning because of thunderstorms

Thursday –  5 mile tempo run (Smart Coach goal was 1 mile warm up, 3 miles @ 9:23, 1 mile cool down)

Actual Times:  Mile 1, 11:05 / Mile 2, 9:42 / Mile 3, 9:30 / Mile 4, 9:26 / Mile 5, 11:30

**didn’t get to the 9:23 pace, at least it went down instead of up over the 3 miles

Friday –  rest day

Saturday –  8.5 miles LSD (long slow distance), I was aiming for an 11 min/mile pace, but my Garmin was dead when I headed out so I had some trouble monitoring my pace, I ended up closer around 10:25 min/mile

Sunday –  SUP @ the beach!

Overall –  Got in all my runs and actually started to use my heart rate monitor!  I miss doing yoga, I could really use it this week too since my back has been bothering me (Note to my tempurpedic mattress:  I MISS YOU!)

NEXT WEEK (7/23-29)

Only one more week at the beach!  Going to try to find some new paths for my runs and my cousin and I are planning on going to beach yoga tomorrow morning!

I also saw that the Cape Cod Marathon and Half Marathon are the last weekend in October and I’m seriously thinking about registering for one of them.  A large portion of the race is along the coast and it looks gorgeous!



“Life is not a race.  Neither is an ultramarathon, not really, even though it looks like one.  There is no finish line.  We strive towards a goal, and whether we achieve it or not is important, but it’s not what’s most important.  What matters is how we move towards that goal.” – Scott Jurek, from his book EAT & RUN

***just finished this book over the weekend on the beach…LOVED IT!  I’ll write a quick review soon!

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