Do What Moves You – Swiftwick Sock Love

When it comes to running gear I’m pretty open to trying new things and using different brands.  There’s really only one specific item that I’m SUPER picky about…


Ever since my husband brought me home a pair of Swiftwick socks from a conference he attended for work a few years ago I’ve been totally loyal and haven’t run in any other brand sock since!  (I actually received 4 pairs of a different brand sock for free recently and I gave them all away – true story!)

And, when I find something I love, I love sharing it, so I was really excited when a few weeks ago Swiftwick asked both Jason and to I be ambassadors and help spread the good word!

Swiftwick Handstand

So excited I was doing handstands! (In my Swiftwick Aspire Twelves!)

To help kick off our ambassadorship, Swiftwick sent me a few pairs of socks to test out!

I received 4 pairs of the Swiftwick Aspire’s in their awesome new colors – cool mint, hi-vis yellow and radar orange!

So, I have to admit I’m usually more of a neutral color sock kind of person because my socks clashing with my sneakers would totally bug the heck out of me, but check this out – each of the new colors matches PERFECTLY with a pair of my sneakers!

Swiftwick Socks and Sneakers

Sock colors L to R – Hi Vis Yellow, Radar Orange and Cool Mint

(And yes, I will only wear each pair with their color coordinating sneakers!)

So, what’s to love about Swiftwick?

For me personally it’s the thin, light weight material that provides just the right amount of compression and arch support and at the same time keeps my feet dry and blister free!

Here are just a few of the other reasons Jason and I love them so much:

  • Swiftwick socks come in 7 different heights from “Zero” (no show) to “Twelve” (knee high compression) – in fact Jason wore the Aspire Twelves for his recent half marathon PR!
  • Swiftwick JasonSwiftwick products are all made in the USA!
  • Swiftwick’s sock finder will help you find the PERFECT sock for you allowing you to check off items such as material, sport, color and height.
  • Swiftwick guarantees their products – if you don’t love it, wash it, return it and they’ll replace it with a pair (any brand!) of equal value!
  • Swiftwick’s mission is to design and produce the best active wear products on the planet.
  • Swiftwick has an awesome Sock of the Month club! Check it out HERE!
  • Swiftwick’s motto “Do what moves you.” is a statement I can 100% get behind!  I am all for everyone getting out there and moving every day in whatever way works for them!

Now get out there and DO WHAT MOVES YOU!

What do YOU look for in a running sock?

12 thoughts on “Do What Moves You – Swiftwick Sock Love

  1. I actually won Swiftwick socks on your blog shortly after I had my son. I am in love with them! I have worn them for two 5ks, a 10k and a half marathon plus training runs. My foot is super comfortable in them and NO blisters! (I get blisters easily) I highly recommend them!

  2. I’ve never tried Swiftwick, but I’d love to. I have frequent blister problems, so I’m on the hunt for the perfect sock, and haven’t found it yet.

  3. I look for blister prevention in running socks! So far I haven’t been too successful… maybe I just have blister-prone toes, but I’m willing to try pretty much any sock until I find the magical kind 🙂 I’ll have to give Swiftwick a try!

  4. Ever since I read your original review, all my races have been run with Swiftwick socks! Unfortunately I don’t own enough pairs (or do laundry frequently enough) to wear them for all my runs, but I tried to save them for the long runs during marathon training. So glad you guys are ambassadors! That’s awesome!

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  6. After reading your blog…I wrote down the name of these socks and thought I’ll give them a try…why not? This weekend I did a 10K without one blister! I’m totally sold, and from now on the only sock I’ll ever run in! I’ve since gone back in and bought 4 more pairs!

    • Hi Jennifer, that is SO great! And thank you so much for coming back and commenting letting me know about your experience, it’s always good to know when a review or a product I believe in and support has helped other runners! Best of luck with your running and remember – do what moves you! Danielle

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