Taking my yoga off the mat…and into the water!

I know this is primarily a running blog, so you’re going to have to excuse for me the large amount of yoga content recently, I promise I’ll be back to more running related posts as soon as my MCM training starts!  (Also, in case you missed it, please check out my post on running for autism!)

This weekend is going to be full of yoga and water for me!

Yup, you read that right!  This summer I’m excited to be expanding my yoga teaching experience and I’ll not only be teaching a regular weekly yoga on the beach class (YAY!), but I’ll also be teaching an aqua yoga class and stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga!  (Have I mentioned I LOVE living on Cape Cod?! Seriously sometimes I can’t believe this is real!)

A few years ago I discovered a yoga on the beach class was held walking distance from my house on the Cape and since then I’ve been attending regularly (I even wrote a blog post about my first class!).  I just adore Don and Nancy, the husband and wife who alternate days teaching the class, and over the past couple of years have become friends with them.  (Actually, I sort of want to be them – they teach yoga on the beach on Cape Cod from June – September, and then in Key West the rest of the year!)

A few weeks ago they told me they were planning to be out of town for a weekend the end of June and asked if I’d be interested in covering the class for them, so last weekend I taught my first yoga on the beach class!
Teaching YOTBHonestly, teaching outside was such an amazing experience in itself, let alone a class that I love so much and have been attending for several years!

I guess it must have gone well because they asked me if I’d be interested in teaching a regular Sunday morning class for them!  (They’ve only ever done Monday-Saturday, so this was a totally new addition for them!)

And not only that, they also asked if I’d be interested in teaching an aqua yoga class!  I obviously love yoga and I’m a big believer in the therapeutic benefits of water, so this is really a perfect combination for me and my interests.  This morning I met with Nancy to start learning about her aqua yoga program and next week we’re going to get in the pool and play around so I’ll be ready to teach my first class!

And tonight I’m off to my weekend long SUP yoga teacher training!

If you’re not familiar with SUP yoga, it’s yoga on a stand up paddleboard – a bit of added instability, so lots of additional core work!

SUP Sun SalutationsIf you’ve followed Live, Run, Grow for awhile, you know Jason and I love our paddleboarding!

I’ve taken a few SUP yoga classes over the years and it’s just so much fun combining two things I love so much.  Starting next week I’ll be teaching several SUP yoga classes a week for the summer!

Danielle SUP Yoga BridgeI feel like my summer is shaping up to be pretty incredible and honestly sometimes I still can’t believe that a) we live on Cape Cod and b) that I’ve been offered all of these amazing yoga opportunities!

Here’s to an amazing summer of sunshine, sand and yoga!  

(Oh…and ice cream.  Can’t have summer without ice cream!).

If you’re in the Cape Cod area or plan on visiting please “like” my yoga Facebook page, Facebook.com/DanielleNardiYoga to be kept up to date on my classes, workshops and special events!

Otherwise, you can follow my blog Facebook page at Facebook.com/LiveRunGrow for updates on all my running, yoga and Cape Cod living adventures!

12 thoughts on “Taking my yoga off the mat…and into the water!

  1. That is AMAZING Danielle! I’m super impressed! 🙂 I would love to get down there one day for one of your classes.

  2. Very cool! And those pictures are awesome. We’re not taking our annual Cape vacation this year (sadface), but next year I’ll have to see if we can meet up!

  3. Oh, let’s talk about ice cream!!! But wow – how cool to teach yoga on the beach and also aqua yoga? It sounds like your summer is going to be amazing!!

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