Run Where I Live Blogger Road Trip!

A few weeks ago during one of the Tuesday night #BibChat’s, we were discussing how to find safe places to run while you’re traveling and I thought it would not only make a fun topic for a blog post, but why not invite other bloggers to join me in each writing about running in the area they live in and sharing the information amongst our readers in case they happen to be traveling to one of the places…

…I present to you the Run Where I Live Blogger Road Trip!

We had a total of 12 bloggers in 9 different states (and 1 international!) contribute posts.

Each bloggers is sending their readers on to the next stop on the “road trip”, but this post will serve as our “home base” or “visitor information center” where you can find the links to all the different locations we’ll be stopping on our road trip!

Also, we’d love to grow our “visitor information center” so if you’d like to write a similar post on your own blog, please do and then comment here or send me the link to your post and we’ll add you on to the list!  Hopefully this can serve as a great resource for fellow runners when they’re traveling!

If you’d like you can click HERE to begin your trip here with me in Cape Cod, or you can visit and of the links below and start your road trip there!

Have a great trip!


Run Where I Live Map

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Burlington, Vermont


Queens, New York 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Coconut Creek, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Chicago, Illinois (1)

Chicago, Illinois (2) 

Chicago, Illinois (3) 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dallas, Texas

Northern California 


16 thoughts on “Run Where I Live Blogger Road Trip!

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  4. Thanks for organizing this! I going to read-run my way across the country this evening. Good stuff!

    From the few I read last night, it seems like each of us had our own idea of “Run Where I Live.” I was thinking, “hm, I’m in town for work, now where do I go run?” If I’d gotten into the races, I’d be writing a whole Wikipedia!

    • Yeah, I sort of left it up to each persons own interpretation to share whatever running resources they thought were worth sharing!

      We’re thinking about doing another similar link-up if you have any ideas for topics!

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