Run Where I Live – Cape Cod

Hello friends, and welcome to Cape Cod!

If you’re visiting Live, Run, Grow for the first time as part of the Run Where I Live Blogger Road Trip then WELCOME!

I moved to Cape Cod, a beautiful peninsula off of southeastern Massachusetts, almost a year ago and I’ve loved every minutes of it!  We have so many incredible scenic places to run and a wonderful running community!

Here are just a few of my running related suggestions should you ever come to visit this beautiful little corner of the world!

I heart Cape Cod

Where to Run

Still being relatively new to the area, I’m really mostly familiar with areas of the upper Cape, but there are plenty of other wonderful areas to run farther out as well!

Shining Sea Bike Path

This is one of my favorite places to go for my long runs!  It’s a 10 mile path going from one end of Falmouth all the way into Woods Hole!  You’ll pass cranberry bogs and farms and you’ll run by miles of gorgeous coast line where on a clear day you can see Martha’s Vineyard!

I was surprised this past winter to find that despite all the snow we got this path was cleared almost immediately and was almost always in “run-able” condition!
Shining Sea Bike Path

Cape Cod Canal Path

The Cape Cod Canal path is 8 miles long and stretches from the Sagamore Bridge to the Bourne Bridge.  The path, which is well maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, offers great views of the boats passing through the canal and is a great place for running or biking!

Canal Bridge


I haven’t done much training running since I’ve gotten to Cape Cod, but there are definitely plenty of wonderful trails to check out in the area!

You can find a list of trails in the area HERE.

Group Runs & Running Stores

Marathon Sports Run Club

There are two Marathon Sports on the Cape – Mashpee & Yarmouth.  Both offer a free weekly group run, Mashpee is Tuesday night’s at 6:30pm and Yarmouth meets Thursday’s at 6:15pm and Saturday morning’s at 8:30am.

I attend the Mashpee Run Club every week and have made some really great friends – I hope if you’re in town you’ll join us!  (You can read my post about the friends I’ve made at run club HERE!)

Run Club Fun

*This is also where I’d suggest you head to pick up any running items you may have forgotten to bring with you!*

Falmouth Track Club

The Falmouth Track Club is another great group I run with weekly!  We meet Wednesday night’s at 5:30 or 6pm for about 3 miles of speed work.  It’s such a great supportive group and actually makes doing speed work fun!

If you come on a night I’m there we’ll usually finish up with a little post-run yoga!
FTC Yoga 2

Local Races

Falmouth Road Race

Ah, the Falmouth Road Race, the big race in the little town!  The Falmouth Road Race is a lottery entry 7 mile run along the coast of Falmouth – it’s absolutely gorgeous and draws a lot of big name runners (can you say MEB?!).

If you ever get the chance to run the Falmouth Road Race, I can’t recommend it enough.  For more details on the race itself and LOTS of pictures you can check out my recaps from the past couple of years!

Falmouth Road Race 2013

Falmouth Road Race 2014

Towards Finish Line

Cape Cod Marathon

The Cape Cod Half Marathon and Marathon is the last weekend of October and while I haven’t run the race myself (I volunteered last year!) a lot of my running friends in the area have and really love it!  The half is a mostly flat and scenic course and from what I hear the marathon is a bit hilly!

There’s also a relay option for those looking for a shorter distance!

Other Local Races:

Zooma Cape Cod (read my recap from 2014 HERE)

The Great Hyannis Road Races 

(read my recap from the 2015 Johnny Kelley Half Marathon HERE)

Hero Triathlon Cape Cod

New England Triathlon Tour (read my recap HERE)

Yoga & SUP

I know this post is about running, but if you know me (and if you’re new here you probably don’t!), I have to throw in a little yoga and stand up paddle boarding (SUP)!

Cape Cod Aloha

If you’re ever on the Cape I hope you’ll join me for a paddle or one of my yoga classes!  I’m currently teaching yoga on the beach, aqua yoga and SUP yoga – I’m even teaching yoga for runners once a month at Marathon Sports Mashpee, so lots of options!

Teaching YOTBYou can follow me at to stay up to date on all my classes and special events!

Well I hope you enjoyed your virtual running trip to Cape Cod, and should you ever be visiting in person I hope you’ll let me know and I’d be happy to recommend everything from the best lobster roll and ice cream to how to avoid our local predators (sharks and wild turkey’s!) and I know you’ll love Cape Cod just as much as I do!

Cape Cod Foods

Your next stop on your trip is Connecticut where Colby of Marathon and Sprint will be showing you all her favorite places to run where she lives!  Click HERE to continue on with your trip!

If you’d like to see the complete list of places we’ll be visiting on our road trip, click HERE to visit our visitor information center!


And before you go…

tell me where is some place you’d like to visit to run?

17 thoughts on “Run Where I Live – Cape Cod

  1. Great post! I haven’t been to Cape Cod yet but it looks beautiful. I might have to add the Cape Cod half marathon to my list!

  2. Holy balance! I might need to check out your SUP YOGA while we’re in the Cape!!! Great Post!! Thanks for hosting, Lady. I am such a fan of the Cape. I can’t wait for our trip in August. I’m filing away your info. 🙂

    • That beach is pretty much my back yard! (Almost at least…it’s about 200 yards maybe..) I’m so spoiled here, not sure how I’ll ever live somewhere else!

  3. Great idea for a blog post. I love Cape Cod. I visited a few years ago (ran on the canal path and biked on Shining Sea) and actually stayed at Mashpee, right on Peter’s Pond!

  4. I love this blogger road trip – awesome idea! The paths look beautiful, and if I ever get back to the Cape I’ll be sure to check them out! Maybe one day I’ll make it into the Falmouth Road Race too… 🙂

  5. Such a great idea, especially as I am now trying to figure out where to move to next! The views are amazing!! I need to move Cape Cod up on my list of places to visit!!

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