Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (8/4-8/10)

Monday – 90 minutes yoga & 7 mile bike ride

Tuesday – 4 mile run with run club

Post Run Club

Gary, Allison, Me & Stacey post run club!

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 90 minutes yin yoga

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – 5 miles SUP

We spent the morning at the gorgeous Old Silver Beach volunteering as paddle board water safety for a fundraising swim for ALS…


At the Sea Crest Beach Resort for David’s Old Silver Swim!

…and then headed back out on our boards for a paddle by moonlight!


Paddling by the light of the Super Moon!

Sunday – 3 mile run 

Weekly Mileage –  10 miles

2014 Mileage -381.25 miles 


I had planned on doing a longer run this weekend, but between all the paddling we did Saturday and getting in bed much later than planned after the full moon paddle there was no way my legs were up for a long run Sunday morning!  No worries, I’ll make it up later this week!

The full moon paddle was TOTALLY worth it!  It was one of the coolest things we have ever done.  We paddled a little over 4 miles with only the light from the full moon and along the way we saw some large schools of bluefish, a few meteors (the Perseid Meteor Shower will peak over the next few nights, so be sure to check it out!) and even saw fireworks all the way across the sound on Nantucket, it was amazing!



Monday – long run?

Tuesday – run club (3 miles)

Wednesday – Falmouth Track Club

Thursday – yoga/ cross train

Friday – yoga / cross train

Saturday – 16 mile run

Sunday – rest day

Do you enjoy watching meteor showers?

Any cool/ unique activities you’ve done? (like a full moon paddle??)

3 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. That’s awesome! Looks like a great week! I saw the super moon, but it didn’t seem that different than normal. Best meteor shower I saw was one August on the bow of the cruise ship were were on in Alaska. No city lights to drown them out!!!

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