Weekly Training Recap

Well hello there, it’s certainly been awhile!

So, I’m 1 final down and I have an exam in my online class this weekend, so hopefully after that I’ll have some time to get back to our regularly scheduled Live, Run, Grow programming!

My running has REALLY been taking a back seat as I spent the last few weeks focusing on my classes, but Jason and I are still running the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon this weekend and we just found out that we got into the Falmouth Road Race lottery for this summer!

Falmouth Road Race 2015

Just a quick recap of my workouts (or lack thereof!) over the past couple of weeks, really just for my own “training log” purposes!

RECAP (5/4-5/10)

Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – all day yoga workshop

Yoga Workshop

Wednesday – none

Thursday – none

Friday – none

Saturday – 4 mile run

Sunday – rest day

Weekly Mileage –  7 miles 

RECAP (5/11-5/17)

Monday – 1 hour yoga

Tuesday – none (chemistry test!)

Wednesday – FTC Track Workout

3 x 1 mile repeats (7:35 average pace)

Newton Kismet

Thursday – non (taught 2 yoga classes)

Friday – 75 minute yoga class

Saturday – 12 mile run

Sunday – rest day

Weekly Mileage – 16 miles

2015 Mileage – 318 miles


Oh my goodness, working full time and taking 2 classes has really caught up with me!  I had a final in one class this week, so that class is over and a long weekend coming up so I’m  looking forward to hopefully getting caught up on some rest and getting back to a regular routine as far as running and yoga goes!

I also really need to sit down soon and put together a training plan for my fall marathon(s), they’re going to be here before I know!

One of my favorite summer/ Cape Cod activities kicks of this weekend for the season – yoga on the beach is back and I can’t wait!  I’ll be sure to take some pictures to share, there’s just something so incredible about practicing yoga outside on the beach!


Do you have a favorite summer activity?

Have you ever done yoga outside?

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