Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (4/27-5/3)

Monday – 12 mile run 

Tuesday – rest day 

Wednesday – Falmouth Track Club Workout, 4 miles

1.5 mile warm up, 10×400 repeats (average pace 1:47), yoga cool down 

Newton KismetTested out these Newton Kismet’s tonight – stay tuned for a review coming soon!

Thursday – rest day

Friday – 75 minute yoga class & yoga workshop

The workshop I attended was on teaching adaptive yoga to special needs populations.  It was honestly incredibly inspiring and has me really excited about the possibilities of incorporating yoga into physical therapy!

Peggy Cappy Workshop

Yoga for the Rest of Us Workshop

Saturday – 5 mile run

Sunday – rest day

Weekly Mileage –  21 miles 

2015 Mileage – 295 miles


I am so excited about the yoga workshop I attended on Friday night!  It was hosted by a local non-profit called Yoga Neighborhood whose mission is to bring yoga our of the expensive studios and make it available to all different populations.  We spent 3 hours learning about adaptive yoga and how to make a yoga practice accessible to those who may not be fully mobile or may have limitations.

It really has me excited for some of the things I’d like to do with yoga and physical therapy in the future!  Not to mention I’m attending an all day workshop on Tuesday on just that – incorporating yoga into physical therapy, I can’t wait!

I finally got Jason to attend a Falmouth Track Club workout with me and he really enjoyed it (only problem is I think he’s actually faster than me now!).  We have 1 more long run to tackle and then we’ll be running Jason’s second half marathon over Memorial Day Weekend!

What brand sneakers do you run in?

Do you stick with one brand or switch it up?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. We have done lots of review of literature on adaptive yoga particularly for amputees at work. Really cool that you were able to learn more about this. It definitely seems like a really neat opportunity to expand your yoga horizons.

    • Working with amputees is actually one of my interests! There really is a lot you can do with yoga and I’m really excited about incorporating it into physical therapy! I’d love to read anything you guys have done on it if it’s accessible to the public – let me know!

  2. I wear Brooks but I used to wear Asics, until 2013. They never felt like a true fit like they were before, and the people at my LRS said Asics dropped the ball that year because they heard numerous complaints from customers. I’m happy with my Brooks choice.

  3. Welcome to my world of having a faster husband 🙂 But excited for Jason to run a PR! I love the purple of those shoes. I’ve never tried Newtons. Will be curious to hear what you think!

  4. At least you had a brief moment where you were faster than your husband. Doug has ALWAYS been faster than me…by a LOT…with NO training or running at all. On the plus side, you’re still a speed demon 🙂

  5. I’m running in Saucony’s right now. I wouldn’t say I’m brand loyal, it’s just easier to stick with something that I know works. I can also generally find them online cheaper than in store, whereas if I want to try something new, I’d be inclined to pay full retail prices so I could test them out at my local Fleet Feet.

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