runDisney Marathon Weekend Race Recap Roundup!

Walt Disney World Marathon weekend is less than 2 weeks away and with Christmas behind us and my last long run in the books I’m really starting to get excited!

This will be my 4th year running at the runDisney Marathon Weekend – my first year I did the marathon (my first!), the second year I did the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge (or the “unofficial” Dopey since I did the 5k also!) and last year I did the inaugural (official) Dopey Challenge!

Dopey Medal Photo

While I LOVED doing Dopey last year, this year I opted for Goofy – the 4 early wake up calls for Dopey were exhausting and I didn’t feel like I got to “do Disney” as much as I would have liked, so just 2 early race mornings for me this year!

As I get ready for a race I’ve done before, I always like to go back and read my race recaps from previous years and I figured this would be a great time to share a round up of all my previous Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend experiences with you!


I began running in May of 2011 when I registered for the 2011 Wine & Dine Half Marathon. I was enjoying the challenge of increasing my mileage and training for a goal so much that I went ahead and registered for the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon BEFORE I even ran Wine & Dine!

My training was tough, but I stuck with it and my first marathon experience was incredible!  (The best part was that Jason was supposed to be working the day of the marathon but ended up being off so he flew down the night before and left right after the race just so he could be at my first marathon!)

2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Recap

Marathon Family Photo

My family (& support team!) at my first marathon!


In 2013 I decided tackle my 2nd marathon as part of the Goofy Challenge – and threw in the 5k for an “unofficial” Dopey!  I had some company this year, my mom ran the 5k and my sister ran the 5k and her first half!

Temperatures were pretty brutal this year so we took our time and just had fun during the full marathon and stopped for lots of pictures!  This was my first experience running back to back races and I really had a great time!

2013 Disney Family Fun Run 5k Recap

2013 WDW Half Marathon Recap

2013 WDW Marathon Recap


Showing Goofy my Goofy medal!


Who would have thought 4 days of early wake up calls and running 48.6 miles could be so much fun!

For the 10k we ran as a group of Newsies carrying the banner around the World (Walt Disney World that is!)…

10k Group Newsies Jump

Extra! Extra! Newsies sweat all over Epcot!

By the half marathon (day 3!), it was starting to feel a bit like groundhogs day (wake, run, repeat!), but we had fun and were even treated to a mid-race Dole Whip courtesy of Jenn’s Dad!

Half Dole Whip 1

Day 4, the full marathon was by far my favorite!  I honestly still can not believe that not only do I run 26.2 miles, but I manage to have so much fun doing it – of course I was with my two running partners in crime Daniel & Patrick!

Full Gravediggers

Taking a quick “rest” mid-marathon!

2014 Disney Family Fun Run 5k Recap

2014 WDW 10k Recap

2014 WDW Half Marathon Recap

2014 WDW Marathon Recap


This year I’ll be running the Goofy Race & a Half Challenge and I am SO excited to be joined by my husband Jason for his first half marathon!  We’ve had a great time training the past few months and I really can not wait for us to cross the finish line together!

Dani and Jason RunOne of the best things about Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is seeing friends and meeting new friends, so please let me know if you’re going to be there, I’d love to say hello!

Oh, and if you see me you BETTER say hi – none of this leaving a comment after race weekend saying, “I saw you but felt weird coming over…” (KELLIE!!!)

Any Marathon Weekend 1st timers have questions??

Do you like to re-read race recaps before a race?

18 thoughts on “runDisney Marathon Weekend Race Recap Roundup!

  1. I loved your “newsies” costumes so much. You guys all looked great. We will miss seeing you at marathon weekend, but are excited that you will be running with Jason for his first half. Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. You are never going to let me live that down are you? I say hi to you ALL THE TIME NOW! In fact, it’s impossible for you to get rid of me! See you in a little more than a week! 🙂

  3. I will be there and I better see you. I’m occupied most mornings between 3 am and 10 am, but aside from that I’m free.

  4. I love reading race recaps before an event. It helps build the excitement (aka nervous energy). This will be my third WDW Marathon and my first Dopey. Hope to see you there and hope you have great races!

  5. LOVE this post! It’s awesome Jason will be running the half with you! I am so excited to run Goofy this year, but I know it will be extra special because I’ll have company for the full this year. We will definitely be looking for you guys! 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you posted all of your Dopey recaps. I’m nervous for Dopey (ok, mostly the wake ups) so I’m looking for any tips I can get. I’ll be sure to say hi if I see you. I’m running with my husband, too!

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