Walt Disney World Full Marathon Recap

So, with over a third of my weekend running done, I made sure to really focus on my recovery after the half marathon to be ready for the next day.  My legs felt great and I was totally ready for the full marathon…I wasn’t quite ready for what happened that night at dinner though…

Long story short, I ended up in the bathroom throwing up during dinner.  No idea why.

Gross, I know, but unfortunately it’s part of my marathon weekend.  As I was in that bathroom all I could think was, “you have GOT to me kidding me!  I have a freaking marathon to run tomorrow!!!”  The weird thing is, just as quickly as it came on, it went away and after 10 minutes of being violently ill, I was fine.  Now my only problem was that I was going to be starting a marathon with nothing in my stomach since I hadn’t eaten dinner.

So, when my alarm went off at 2:30 in the morning I started off with some oatmeal to try to give myself a little fuel and then I headed up to the lobby to meet Pat for the bus again.  Once we got to the starting area we met up with the rest of our friends…

Me, Keith, Pat, Dan, Adam, Scott, Mark and Jenn

Me, Keith, Pat, Dan, Adam, Scott, Marc and Jenn

During my training I had really been hoping to PR this race, but because of the unexpected crazy heat and humidity I changed my plan and decided to just take it easy (runDisney even had heat advisories and warnings posted all over!).  While we were in the corral waiting for the start Jenn, Dan and I decided we’d run together and just have fun (company for 26.2 long, hot miles…ummm, yes please!).

The National Anthem was sung (we didn’t miss it this time!), the fireworks went off, and we were on our way!  Jenn and I both had family that would be along the course in different places to pass us snacks, cheer us on and take pictures!  Our first stop right around mile 4 was Jenn’s family by the Transportation and Ticket Center where her dad passed us the BEST mid-race snack EVER…

Mid Race Dole Whip

Why yes, that IS a mid-race Dole Whip!  Thank you Jenn’s Dad!

After our Dole Whip (which we did manage to eat while running!), we headed into the Magic Kingdom…


(photo by Daniel Wanderman)

…where we met up with my mom and sister on Main Street!

Christina, Mom (taking the picture with her phone!) Jenn and Me (photo taken by Dan)

Christina, Mom (in the orange shirts), Jenn and Me (photo taken by Dan)

We continued down Main Street…

View running down Main Street...definitely my favorite part of the race!

View running down Main Street…definitely my favorite part of the race!

…and followed the same route of the half marathon through Tomorrowland, the castle, and out Frontierland.

(Note:  I have a TON of pictures (it was 26.2 miles after all!), so I’ll try not to over-do it in this recap and I’ll do another post with more pictures in a few days.)

At mile 8 we got to the Walt Disney World Speedway, which was new to the course this year.  This was actually really cool and the track was lined with lots of cool vintage cars and even some Disney celebri-cars!

Speedway CollageWe also literally “ran” into fellow blogger friend Heather on the speedway!

A few miles after the speedway we got to Animal Kingdom (really, at how many marathons do you think you can stop and take a picture with a donkey!)…

Animal Kingdom Collage

…and on the way out we saw my dad who gave me my snack of pretzels and OJ!

Dad at Animal Kingdom

After Animal Kingdom there was about 4 miles of highway and then we entered the ESPN Wide World of Sports for miles 17-20.

ESPN CollageI don’t know how I’ve gotten to mile 20 without mentioning the heat, but OH MY GOODNESS it was freaking HOT!  (You may be wondering why the hell I’m wearing long pants then…compression.  I decided wearing the compression was worth it for the full marathon.)  At mile 17 they were handing out wet sponges, which was AMAZING!  I kept mine (which is the white thing tucked into my sports bra in all my pictures after mile 17) and kept re-wetting it at the water stops and squeezing it over my head, that little sponge was seriously a life saver!

Mile 21 – my favorite race picture EVER…

Marathon PushupsYup, that’s me doing push-ups with the green army guy at mile 21.  Jenn’s idea, but I LOVE it, seriously best race photo ever!

Mile 22 brought us to Hollywood Studios where we saw Jeff Galloway who was nice enough to take a quick photo!

Galloway Pic

Out of Hollywood Studios we ran along the Boardwalk and into Epcot for a lap around World Showcase…

Italy Marathon Pic…before heading out of the park, past the mile 26 choir…

Mile 26 Choir…and towards the finish!

Danielle and Jenn Finish

Finish line photo taken by Dad!

Goofy Challenge complete!


32 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Full Marathon Recap

  1. I LOVE all your photos….fantastic way to spend the race since you decided against trying for a PR. The sponge was awesome and I too had it for the duration of the race and actually was surprised at the few people who had kept theirs. My skirt was soaked by the finish line from the sponge but I am convinced that help me push through the last 4-5 miles. Awesome that you had all your medals at the finish. Congrats on Goofy Challenge!

    • Thanks Pam, congratulations to you too! That sponge was AMAZING, I just wish I had remembered to pull it out of my shirt when I took pictures…it looks so silly! Oh well!

  2. I was very close to signing up for the 2013 Goofy but then opted out to “just” the marathon. Congratulations on killing it! I’ve suffered through the misfortune of having an upset stomach the day before a race and it didn’t go so well for me — glad to see you made it despite the speed bump. Great pictures too. I would have most likely fainted after doing some pushups mid-race.

    • Congratulations on the marathon!

      The funny thing about the push-ups is that Jenn and I were both saying how EASY they seemed in the middle of the race since it was a break for your legs! It’s not like my arms had been doing much the past few hours! : ) It was totally worth the picture, it’s one of my favorites!

      • I actually did the full (my first) at WDW this year, and on the inspiration of my son, dropped and pulled out 26 push-ups in front of the family at mile 26.1… and it was, very surprisingly, fairly easy. My son did 1 at Mile 1, 2 at Mile 2,… 13 at Mile 13 for the half. Not sure I could do that yet for the Full. We’ll see.

  3. Congrats again on the Goofy! Just wow, awesome, amazing! Can’t wait to get to try it myself…I mean, if Joey Fatone can do it lol

    And glad you were able to recover in time for the race! Maybe just pre-insanity, I mean race jitters?

    • I actually took a pic with Joey Fatone mid-race, but it came out terrible, all blurry!

      I honestly think it was something I ate that made me sick…I don’t really get nervous at all before races, I just sort of pretended it didn’t happen so I didn’t over think it and stress about it!

  4. Great recap!! How awesome that you guys had a dole float during a marathon? I love the picture of you doing pushups with the green army man! Congrats!! What an amazing accomplishment!!

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