Stop, Drop & Push-Up!

First things first – a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post about Jason and I moving to Cape Cod.  I can’t tell you how much the encouraging and supportive words about such a big decision mean!

So, between packing to move I’ve also been packing to head out to California for Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend (busy times around here!).

Well, if you’ve been around these parts for awhile and read some of my runDisney race recaps you’ve probably noticed I have a bit of a “thing” for stopping for some mid-race pushups with the green army men from Toy Story!

The first time I stop, drop & push-uped mid-race was during the WDW Marathon in 2013!

**And this one is still my favorite photo!**

Marathon Pushups

However, I must pay homage to those who came before me…and if I remember correctly it was actually Jenn who stop, dropped and push-uped first!

Jenn Push UpAnd while I’m sure we’re not the first or only ones to give our legs a mid-race break and let our arms do a little work, it’s become a favorite must-get runDisney race photo for me!

Disneyland 2013 – not only is my form terrible here (too early!), but this green army dude looks totally uninterested!
Half Marathon Push Ups

WDW Half Marathon 2014 – this guy was really into it!  He had a microphone and was counting my pushups out loud!

Half Push Ups 2

And even gave me a high-five when I was done!


**Note – I always do somewhere between 2-5 pushups, not because that’s all I can do (who I am kidding, that’s all I can do!), but because there is usually a line of other runners/ push-uppers waiting and I don’t want to hold up the line! Right after me in this photo I could hear the green army man counting for someone else who apparently wanted to one up me and they were at like 20 when I could last hear! This is considered bad mid-race push-up etiquette. Do a few push-ups, get your pic and move on!**  

WDW Marathon 2014

Full Gravediggers…oh wait, wrong one…here we go!

Full PushupsI even decided to do some “in the park push-ups” when I ran into a green army man in Hollywood Studios in February!  This guy really got into it and did some pushups with me!

Push Ups in the Park

The “mid-race green army man push-up” photo sort of became my “thing” and they were always included in my race recaps…and then something REALLY cool happened!

Readers started sending me their own “mid-race green army man push-up” pictures!

Here’s Kellie of Will Run For Ears:

Kellie Push Up Pic

Sarah of Running at Disney:

Sarah Push Ups

And Nicole of Pink Elephant on Parade (who I believe is the one who started referring to it as the #NardiChallenge!):

Nicole Push Ups

So now that it’s sort of an unofficial “thing”, let’s make it an official “thing”!

If you STOP, DROP & PUSH UP with a green army man mid-race send me a picture and I’ll feature all the photos I get in a post after each runDisney event weekend and keep a full gallery of them here on the blog!

Who knows, one lucky “mid-race green army man push-upper” may even win a fun prize! ; ) 

Send photos to:

or tweet @dnardi710

if you Instagram or Tweet your photo use hashtag #greenarmypushup

**Note: “push-ups in the park” with a green army man will be included!**

By the way…you guys want to know a secret??


Really, it’s true!  A former co-worker used to actually call me t-rex since my arm strength is so pathetic!

Rex Push Ups

So who’s in for some mid-race push-ups??

Is there a traditional runDisney race photo you try to get?

**Also, taking suggestions for a better name than “mid-race green army man push-ups”, so if you think of something fun send it my way!**


32 thoughts on “Stop, Drop & Push-Up!

    • Yup, the green army men are from Toy Story so I doubt you’d see them at any other race, but if you want to participate and aren’t heading to a runDisney race feel free to get creative!

  1. You know I’m forever doing this from now on. I think that’s my favorite race pic! It’ll take some time to adjust from calling it “the Danielle” or the #NardiChallenge …

  2. Love it! Do we remember if there are any during Wine & Dine?? 🙂 I need to go dig up all my other #greenarmypushup photos!

    • Sadly my photo from Wine & Dine did not come out since the “camera helper” dude hit the power button instead of the “take a picture” button! We’ll have to make up for it this year!

  3. LMAO, this is awesome. I ALWAYS stop for the green army man, but have never done a push-up! I’d be up for taking the #NardiChallenge…you know I’m always game for a fun race photo. Haha. Also? I hate push-ups, too. Here I think I’m so strong and fit, but we have to do a ZILLION push-ups in Thai/Taekwondo and I haaate how much I struggle after, say, the first 10!

  4. I could do pushups, but by the time I hit that overpass, I don’t know if I could get stand back up. My legs just want to keep going to the finish.

  5. Love this! I always stop for Sarge but I’ve never done push-ups. Next time, I will in your honor. And I totally agree about race etiquette. I tried to stop for Sarge at the 2014 WDW Half, but when I got there some guy was in the middle of doing 50 pushups and the line had just gotten too long 😦

    • You must have been right behind me, I think that was the guy! I heard them counting and I was like, “is he kidding?!?”

      Be considerate green army man push up challengers!

  6. that is fantastic!!! I thought they were statues at first until I saw the one giving you a high-five! Also it looks like the one doing push ups with you has the little platform for his feet?! hmmm… guess I need to take a trip to disney!

  7. Haha, nice! I am going to miss running Disney this year. I love seeing those guys on the course, but have never stopped to join them. I do try to get a good photo in front of the castle though – but none have been to great so far.

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  11. Hi Danielle! This is an awesome post. Do you usually ask the green army men if you could do pushups? I just ran the wine dine half and the army men were walking back and forth. I was too intimidated to just literally stop, drop and pushup!

    • Hi there! Nope, I usually just run over and drop and do a few pushups – always makes for a great photos and it usually get a fun reaction from the green army man and from other runners! I say next time just go for it! : )

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