Dumbo Double Dare – The Costume Reveal

Good Morning!

By the time you’re reading this I’m probably on a flight on my way out to California!  It was a bit hectic packing to be ready to go while also trying to pack to move, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I managed to forget something important, but let’s hope not!

I also didn’t end up having time to come up with a fun reveal photo/post for this costume like I’ve done in the past (I love making my costume reveals fun!), but I still want to share what I’ll be wearing for the 10k so that if you see me you can come and say hello!  (That’s how I met Scott in January, he recognized my costume!)

So, since I’m cheating you out of a fun costume reveal, let’s re-visit my old costume reveals first!

My first costume was a year ago for the Disneyland 10k and I revealed it with a fun Lightning McQueen and Mater tractor tipping photo shoot!

Tractor Tipping 2And for the actual race we had a big group of cars (and cones!):

Greetings From Radiator SpringsMy next costume for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 10k was also a group effort and I broke the news with an article about a group of Newsies Running Around The “World” (Disney World of course!):

Newsie Costume 1Our group successfully completed the 10k (and sweat all over Epcot in the process!).

10k Group Newsies JumpSo, now for the uneventful reveal of my 2014 Disneyland 10k costume (with a cameo by Madison!)…

Mighty Duck Costume RevealYup, Jason and I will be running through Anaheim representing the Mighty Ducks so keep an eye out for our bright green shirts, knee high socks and inflatable hockey sticks!  (And probably some MAJOR sweat!)

Hope to see you there!

How do you choose your race costume???

(I do my best to come up with costumes I’ve never seen at a race before!)

9 thoughts on “Dumbo Double Dare – The Costume Reveal

  1. Quack quack quack quack! I felt old when I asked a kid in my large group of friends what she thought of the Mighty Ducks movies. She loves hockey and hockey movies so it made sense to me to ask. She said “what are those?” :-/

  2. Yes, love it! Ha, it was great meeting you at Dopey and I wouldn’t if you weren’t wearing the Newsies get up. I won’t be in Cali, but my mom and sis will be. I’ll tell them to look for you!

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