Weekly Training Recap

First of all, congratulations to my friend Jenn (who you may “know” from my WDW Marathon pics!) who rocked an awesome 2 minute PR at the NYC Half Marathon this morning!

RECAP (3/11-3/17)

Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class

Wednesday – 6.5 mile interval speed workout: .75 mile warm up, .5 miles hard, .25 miles slow, .75 mile cool down

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class (LOVED this class, it was totally focused on hamstrings, quads and hips!  And, the teacher was nice enough to give me a copy of her sequence to use for my own classes!)

Friday – 30 minutes elliptical

Saturday – 90 minute yoga class

Sunday – 3 mile run and 45 minutes elliptical

Yoga – 4.5 hours

Weekly Mileage –  12.5 miles 

Monthly Mileage –  41.5 miles

2013 Mileage – 160.5 miles

Overall – I was feeling a lot of yoga for some reason this week, so I didn’t end up getting in a long run, but we’ll just call that a taper for the half marathon I’m running next weekend! ; )

NEXT WEEK (3/18-3/24)

I want to make sure to hydrate, foam roll and stretch to be ready for my weekend race!

Running – NYC 13.1 on Saturday!

Yoga – 2 classes

Alex & I at the 2012 13.1 NYC!

My friend Alex & I at the 2012 NYC 13.1!

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