GIVEAWAY – 1 Year YogaVibes Membership!

Ok, so you all know how much I love yoga (and if you’re new here and don’t, you can check out my Yoga for Runners post!), but I don’t think I’ve ever talked much about how fascinated I am with a lot of the health and fitness technology resources that are out there now…I mean an app basically taught me how to run!!! (OK, fine, technically I knew how to run, but an app trained me to be able to keep running for more than 5 minutes at a time!)

Another great resource that I love is online fitness classes. Sure, you’ve been able to get workout DVD’s (or VHS!) for ages, but then you’re stuck doing the same class over and over and over and over again, and I don’t know about you, but I totally need variety when it comes to working out otherwise I just get bored (especially when I’m in my own house in front of the TV and I can just walk away without anyone knowing…).

What goes through my head when I get bored with doing the same practice over and over and over!

What goes on in my head when I get bored with doing the same practice over and over and over!

There are so many challenges to sticking with a fitness routine – time, scheduling and cost just to name a few, but if you’re looking to keep up (or start!) a yoga practice, eliminates all of those excuses things!

For $20 a month (less than the cost of some yoga classes!) you’ll have access to unlimited classes anytime you want right in your own home! You can even search for classes by length, type of poses you are looking to practice (hip opening, arm balances, restorative, etc.) or by a specific teacher.

Strike a Pose

One of the reasons that YogaVibes is my “home yoga studio” of choice is that they offer classes with Sage Rountree who specializes in Yoga for Athletes (I even went to a workshop with her a few months ago!) and she has a great selection of classes focusing on things like IT Band, hips and post-workout recovery (**runner friends – you’ll love her classes!)

Yoga Vibes Screen Shot

Interested yet??? Well, not only does YogaVibes offer a free 15 day trial to ANYONE, but, they offered to give away a 1 year membership to a Live, Run, Grow reader, so check out the details below and enter so you can get your OM on with these awesome classes!

Giveaway Details: 1 year Class Pass to, unlimited access to all online yoga classes (a $200 value!). This giveaway will be open until Friday, March 22nd at midnight EST at which time a winner will be randomly selected and notified.

Mandatory to enter:

  • Leave a comment letting me know a) why you love doing yoga or b) if you are new to yoga why you’re interested in giving it a try!

Additional entries (**please leave a separate comment for each!):

Good Luck and Namaste!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review/ giveaway, I just love doing yoga and sharing it with others and was nice enough to help me spread the love!

77 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – 1 Year YogaVibes Membership!

  1. I love yoga because not only does it strengthen me – it heals my mind and body too with stretching and quiet focus.

  2. I definitely like mixing in yoga. There’s only one class at my gym that I like so I have looked at some of the online offerings to augment my practice. One thing I like is that it helps provide me with new ways to stretch.

  3. Honestly, I didn’t really care for yoga until Instarted following your Yoga for Runners blog series. What a difference it has made in my muscle fatigue! I truly enjoy yoga now and would love to have access to a more rounded series.

    • Wow Tracy, what a nice compliment! Thank you so much, and I promise I’m going to try to get Yoga for Runner’s posts up more regularly…I think the breaking down of the poses step by step is great for both new and veteran yogis!

  4. I am somewhat new to yoga. I have recently started back to help me stretch and relieve my tight hips from running. I love the way I feel after every class! My mind is cleared, I feel more present in my life, and my hips always feel better! YogaVibes would be great to help me continue and increase my practice!

  5. I’m interested in Yoga, honestly, from reading about the benefits from your blog! Plus, my legs are screaming for good stretches and strength lol

    • So glad my blog has helped you to discover yoga! Good luck with the giveaway, but regardless you should check out their 15 day free trial, they have some great classes that are perfect for runners! (Let me know if you want and I can suggest a few specific ones!)

  6. I also shared this contest on twitter, BUT I forgot to put the @dnardi710 in it, so, I don’t know if this entry can/should count. Although, I never win these, so it’s probably a moot point lol.

  7. Yoga is my escape each day, if even for only a few minutes, from my life, my worries, and my stress. But more than that, it’s been my therapy through running injuries and heartbreak. There’s nothing better to help you focus on what you need more than yoga, other than maybe running. Together, they help me be a better me!

  8. I really want to get back into yoga. As a runner I know how beneficial it can be. Eventually, I would like to fulfill a long time dream of mine: get certified to teach yoga to youth.

    • I’d love to get certified for Kids Yoga as well! My studio is holding a class soon but unfortunately the dates just don’t workout for me…hopefully I’ll be able to find another one soon. Good Luck!

  9. I like yoga as a compliment to running because it helps me stretch out with poses that I wouldn’t normally do on my own.

  10. I think yoga is such a great compliment to running and other forms of exercise. I really like how yoga stretches me – both literally and figuratively! πŸ™‚

  11. I came to yoga as an insecure but perfectionist high schooler, and almost 15 years later, I’m still practicing. It’s one of the few parts of my life where I don’t worry about how I measure up or compare to those around me. I focus on my own goals as well as my limitations, without worrying if that’s “good enough.” Now, I’m working on applying the lessons learned in yoga to the rest of my life!

    • The fact that yoga isn’t competitive is one of the things I love about it, you’re right, I really just focus on my own practice and my own mat, I’m never concerned about anyone else in the room. I think that’s a hard concept for a lot of new yogis who are concerned about being bad at it or looking stupid…really, no one else in the room cares!

  12. I’ve found that as I’ve pushed my boundaries as a runner further and further, my yoga practice has become increasingly valuable. I’m also a HUGE Sage Rountree fan, so winning this giveaway would pretty much rock my world!

  13. I am a huge Sage fan! I have her DVD, podcasts, almost all her books. Have been lucky enough to attend 1 class w/ her when she visited my area, and two more at her studio (1 was a 2 hour side trip, my DH indulged me on the way to visit his family). She’s why I’ve considered signing up for YogaVibes, so wpuld love a free pass! I’m a distance runner, and Sage really understands that and she is such a wonderful teacher.

    • I am totally a huge fan too! I love that you went out of your way to go to her studio…to be honestly I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get down there for a class or workshop one day! I agree that I love practicing with someone who understands the needs of a runner / athlete.

  14. I love doing yoga to help me be a better, stronger, more balanced runner!! I am new to it but find myself enjoying it more and more each week that I go. I would love to be able to do it at home on my own schedule though!! πŸ™‚

  15. I really like yoga, but I don’t do it very much. I would love to get into a more regular routine! Yogavibes sounds great, because I could do it at home πŸ™‚

  16. I love yoga because it makes me stronger & I always feel a little transformation the second I step off my mat after an awesome (or even crappy!) class. It also reminds me the importance of slowing down and just shutting off the mind.

  17. I’ve recently found myself coming back to yoga after focusing on running for the past two years – as I discover how emotional this running journey has been, I’ve really appreciated the ability yoga has to give me better focus.

  18. I love yoga because not only is it a wonderful, whole body way to exercise, it is a whole way of life that strengthens and centers me. I love it and I am now taking a teacher’s training in hot yoga! i’m so incredibly excited to see where this journey will take me! πŸ™‚ Namaste!!

  19. I love yoga because it strengthens & soothes all at once! With a free membership to Yoga Vibes, I could kiss dreaded workout boredom goodbye. I would LOVE to win this awesome prize!

  20. I love Yoga because of how I have found myself through the practice and my teacher training, I love Yoga because by my practice I help myself and then help others with teaching.

  21. I love yoga because it has helped me to manage my pain from scoliosis, reduce stress and maintain an active lifestyle!

    • I love hearing about people benefitting from yoga as a form of therapy, it’s something I truly believe in! Thank you so much for entering and sharing your story – good luck!

  22. I love yoga because it keeps me sane after a stressful day of work and where I live I have few options for exercize and a lot of stress. (I’m a humanitarian aid worker based in a small village in West Africa).

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