Feeling Dopey (even though I got A’s on my tests!)

Sorry I was a bit MIA this week, but I had 2 tests and spent almost all of my free time studying (with the occasional run or yoga break!).  Good news is it was worth it since I got A’s on both of the tests- YEAH!

In other news, apparently all the runDisney rumors were true and they’re making the “Dopey” official…with a small change.  They’ve added a 10k race (with a Minnie Mouse medal!) to Marathon Weekend and the Dopey Challenge is now the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon AND Full Marathon  for a grand total of 48.6 miles and 6 medals in 4 days!

I have to admit after waking up in the middle of the night 3 days in a row to do the unofficial Dopey this year I really had no intention of doing it again (I was going to “just” do Goofy), but I definitely have to try this at least once and it may as well be the inaugural year!

And I thought this was a lot of medals!

And I thought this was a lot of medals!

I guess I’ll have to update my Dopey graphic I made for last year too!
goofydopeyIf you’re thinking about joining me and going Dopey in 2014 you can check out my recaps from the 2013 runDisney Marathon Weekend below for a little extra inspiration!

2013 runDisney Marathon Weekend Expo

2013 runDisney Marathon Weekend 5k

2013 runDisney Marathon Weekend Half Marathon

2013 runDisney Marathon Weekend Full Marathon

Anyone else planning on going Dopey with me in 2014??

16 thoughts on “Feeling Dopey (even though I got A’s on my tests!)

  1. Ack!! I would love to do at least the new Minnie 10K!! But alas, this is such poor timing for work. I will definitely live vicariously through you!!

  2. Congrats on your tests!! We will hopefully (fingers crossed) be in Denver for my final two rotations next January-May so I will have to get Dopey with you the next year…I can’t wait though!!

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