Dopey Challenge: Meeting Some Friends Along the Way!

One of the fun things about running races at Disney is that there always seems to be a friend around every corner!  Between blogging and running I’ve met so many great new people and I was fortunate to “run” into many of them while I was in Florida for the Dopey Challenge!

Of course there was my usual running crew of Daniel, Patrick and Jenn (who all posed for a quick birthday picture for Jason!)…

Herd Birthday Picture

…and I also got to reunite with Christine who I ran the Marine Corps Marathon with back in October!

Pre 10k with Christine

I did my best to remember to take pictures with everyone I ran into, but if I forgot I added some shout outs at the bottom!

Dopey Bloggers

I also got to see:

John, a reader who I met at the Marine Corps Marathon this year

Jen, a reader who I ran into at the Hoop-de-doo Revue

and Justin from Always Running Forward

**There is also a reader I met while waiting in line for a picture with Wreck-It Ralph during the full marathon…I am so sorry but I for the life of me can not remember your name (started with a C I think?!?) total Dopey brain at that point!  If you read this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remind me of your name!**

If there’s anyone I forgot, my apologies, but man was I tired!  I’m lucky I remembered my own name by the time I crossed the finish line of the full marathon!

Good to see everyone and I hope to see you soon!

Dopey Challenge Recaps In Case You Missed Them:

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16 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge: Meeting Some Friends Along the Way!

  1. I saw you on the bus going to the expo on Thursday from Saratoga Springs! I wanted to introduce myself and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog, but I just too nervous! I came across your blog after searching for Disney Marathon recaps. This was my first marathon and reading your blog gave me so much insight and encouragement to run! Thank you!

    • Oh my gosh, next time totally come say hello! Funny story, but I actually met Jenn (who’s always in all my pictures!) when I recognized her on the Magical Express a few years ago!

      I’m so glad to hear that my race recaps were helpful (I know other peoples were when I was doing my first race!) and I hope your first marathon was AWESOME!

  2. I missed everyone 😦 I was always in different parks and then I didn’t see anyone familiar on the course. I thought I saw Heather at the finish line, but I was in a cloud of pain and in desperate need of Biofreeze and ice.

  3. It was so nice to finally meet you. My family thought I was a little crazy for walking up and introducing myself, but they don’t really understand the blog thing either.:)

  4. Thx. Great running into you, too! Twice no less! Of course the second time was after I had been bombarded by an Epcot seagull. .. So no picture is A-Ok 🙂

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