Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (7/13-7/19)

Monday – 3 mile run 

Tuesday – 90 minutes yoga on the beach, 5 mile run (morning) & 5 mile run (evening)

My summer class started today, so I wasn’t supposed to be able to make it to run club, so I ran 5 miles in the morning…we ended up not having a lab the first night of class though so I met Jason at run club and ran another 5 miles!  I guess that makes up for missing my long run the previous weekend!

Plus, I just happened to earn my run club attendance award – $25 to Marathon Sports! (Because I really need an excuse to spend more money in a running store!)

Marathon Sports Gift Card

Wednesday – 3 miles speed work (FTC)

This was a rough run because of the humidity…I actually struggled breathing to the point of almost having a panic attack!  (If you missed it, you can read about it HERE!)

Thursday – 90 minute yin yoga class

Friday – taught 1 hour aqua yoga & 90 minutes SUP yoga

All my happy SUP yogi’s enjoying floating savasana!

SUP Yoga Savasana

Saturday – 10 miles (a BRUTAL 10 miles!)

Sunday – taught 90 minutes Yoga on the Beach & 45 minutes of Yoga for Runners at our local Marathon Sports

Weekly Mileage –  26 miles 

2015 Mileage – 423 miles

**NOTE:  I’m going to go back to listing my “Next Week” workouts to try to help keep me accountable now that I’m back to training for something.  I’ve unfortunately been getting lazy and viewing my runs as more of a “suggestion” rather than an actual training plan!**

Next Week

Monday – teach 1 hour yoga

Tuesday – 5 miles & yoga

Wednesday – speed work (Falmouth Track Club)

Thursday – rest/ recovery day (foam roll, etc.)

Friday – teach 1 hour aqua yoga

Saturday – 12 miles

Sunday – teach Yoga on the Beach


This week was all over the place! We had some gorgeous cool, comfortable days, and we had a few days of brutal humidity!  My long run was honestly terrible, but I’m just glad I got the mileage done.  I really need to get back into the habit of following a training plan, preparing for long runs and doing recovery.

Jason and I also tried something new for dinners this week!  Honestly, we are the WORST at deciding what to make for dinner and grocery shopping is honestly the most challenging household task, so I decided to sign us up for Blue Apron in an effort to try new things and get dinner ideas!

Our first meal was a huge success!

Blue Apron

Stir-Fry Szechuan Eggplant from Blue Apron

I love that we’re getting fresh ingredients, new recipe ideas and healthy meals.  I promise this post isn’t sponsored by Blue Apron or anything, I was just wondering if anyone else had tried a delivery services like this or how you come up with dinner ideas – it’s honestly such a challenge for us (especially vegetarian ideas!).

How do you come up with new dinner ideas?

(Feel free to share links to your favorite vegetarian recipes!)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

    • Honestly, it’s been a really great way for us to try new things and learn some new recipes, totally forth it for a couple of months for us! Let me know if you have any questions about it or anything!

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