Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (6/22-7/5)

Monday – none

Tuesday – 90 minutes yoga on the beach

Wednesday – 3 miles speed work (FTC)

Thursday – none

Friday – 90 minutes yoga on the beach & SUP yoga teacher training

Saturday – all day SUP yoga teacher training

I spent all weekend at a stand up paddle board (SUP) yoga teacher training, while it wasn’t exactly what I expected, it was a great experience and I met a wonderful group of ladies!

SUP Yoga Teacher Training

Sunday – all day SUP yoga teacher training

Weekly Mileage –  3 miles 

Monday – 1 hour aqua yoga

Tuesday – 90 minutes yoga on the beach, 3 mile run (run club) and 3 miles SUP

One of our favorite things is to go out on our paddle boards and paddle by the light of the full moon, it really is an incredible experience!

Full Moon SUP July

Wednesday – 3 miles speed work (FTC)

Thursday – taught 90 minute SUP Yoga

Friday – taught 60 minutes aqua yoga

Saturday – 6 mile run

Sunday – taught 90 minutes yoga on the beach

YOTB 7.5

I was so excited when running & blogging friend Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders told me she was going to come to my yoga class, it’s always fun sharing yoga with my running friends!

YOTB with Dani

If you’re wondering what my beach yoga class is like you can check out a post Dani wrote about it HERE!  I hope if you’re ever on Cape Cod you’ll join me for a class! 

Weekly Mileage –  12 miles 

2015 Mileage – 385 miles


As you can probably tell I’m teaching a lot of yoga this summer, and most of the classes are outside which is awesome!

I will admit that I’m worried about how teaching a class every morning of the week is going to affect my running, not so much physically (when I teach yoga, I don’t do most of it, I spend a lot of time walking around the room/ beach/ pool), but as it gets hotter I’m either going to have to get up REALLY early to run before my classes, or figure out how to get in runs at night.

Stand up paddle boarding & yoga on the beach 

are my favorite summer time activities…

What’s your favorite summer activity?

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