Yoga for Athletes

This morning I start teaching a new yoga class at work – Yoga for Athletes!

I love sharing the benefits of yoga with fellow runner and other athletes, so I’m really looking forward to teaching this class.

In the meantime I thought I’d share with you a post I wrote for our blog at work introducing the class – enjoy!

Yoga for Athletes Graphic

Most athletes know and understand the benefits of cross training, but have you ever considered incorporating yoga as part of your cross training?

Yoga not only has physical benefits like flexibility, balance, coordination and strength, but also offers the mental benefits of breath awareness and concentration – all things athletes can benefit from!

Many athletes don’t take the time to slow down and really focus on listening to and taking care of their bodies, which can lead to overuse and injury – spending time on your yoga mat can help avoid that!

While you don’t need to be flexible to do yoga (a common misconception!), you can definitely expect some stretching in a yoga class. Tight muscles are more prone to injury, so taking the time to loosen up tight spots can help increase range of motion and avoid painful injuries in the future.

Yoga also focuses on mindfulness and linking breath with movement, both of which can be taken off the yoga mat to benefit you in your everyday living and your sport. And if you’re looking for a great way to relax and recovery after an intense training session, a restorative yoga class can help you physically and mentally recover quicker.

I could go on and on about the benefits of yoga for athletes, but the best way for you to understand is to experience them yourself!

Starting this week you can join me on the mat for Yoga for Athletes on Thursday’s at 7am – hope to see you there!



**Disclaimer: This blog post originally appeared on the Mashpee Fitness blog.**

Do you incorporate yoga into your training plan?

What’s your favorite benefit of yoga?

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12 thoughts on “Yoga for Athletes

  1. Love this! Yoga has become a huge part of my physical and mental health maintenance since my stress fracture over a year ago now. I look forward to going, and can definitely tell when I haven’t practiced in a few days; yoga keeps my body happy, and has helped me mentally deal with some big life changes over the past year. Hope your first class went well this morning!

  2. I’ve made an effort to keep yoga in my routine now. Before I’d do yoga on occasion but then I’d go months between classes. Now I have DVDs and I have a set day during the week.

    • Yeah, they are few and far between, but to be honest, there’s usually not much of a difference between a yoga for runners/ athletes and a regular class, you’d still get all the great benefits in a regular class!

    • I really need to get better at foam rolling regularly! I’d actually love to incorporate it into the yoga for athletes class, but we’d have to get more foam rollers!

  3. I always love your yoga posts. I’m struggling with a tender soaz (sp?) muscle and I’m learning that yoga helps me feel SO much better. My goal is to start doing yoga twice a week to help keep me loose and limber, particularly when I start training for MCM.

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