A Fall Marathon On The Calendar…

As many of you may know, the lottery for the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon took place a few weeks ago.

I ran Marine Corps in 2013 and I loved it.  From the minute I started the race, I knew it wouldn’t be my only time running it.

MCM Capitol Picture

I decided to enter the lottery for 2015 and did my best to convince my former MCM partner in crime, Christine, to join me.  She wasn’t all that interested at first, but shortly before the lottery closed I received a text from Christine telling me that she couldn’t stop thinking about it and on a whim she entered last minute!

Well, as (my) luck would have it, of course Christine got in and I got the “sorry, but thanks for entering” e-mail.

I was disappointed, but decided to start looking into other fall marathons.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the lottery was drawn and I’ve realized my heart was set on running Marine Corps again this year more than I had realized.  After a awesome experience running it in 2013 and a great trip to Washington last year for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I couldn’t stop thinking about another race trip to DC.

So…I’m excited to share this this October I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon in support of OAR – the Organization for Autism Research!

Run for Autism LogoI’ll be beginning my fundraising soon and sharing more on why I chose this organization, but it was really important to me to support a cause that I have a personal connection to.

I’m so excited to be officially returning to Washington DC this fall for the 40th running of the Marine Corps Marathon – I’ve already been planning the whole trip in my head!

OAR Logo


Have you run a race as part of a charity team before?

Would you if you didn’t get into a race through a lottery?

21 thoughts on “A Fall Marathon On The Calendar…

  1. Good for you Danielle! I’m happy for you that you’ll be able to run it after all… I could tell the disappointment in your tweets (ha!). ; ) I always thought the charity options were great when you couldn’t get into a race otherwise! It sounds like an amazing race… maybe someday I’ll see you there! Awesome picture too!!

    • Thanks Jocelyn, I really was disappointed. I thought I’d get over it and choose another race, but I kept thinking about it – glad there was an opportunity to join a charity team!

  2. I haven’t run on a charity team, but I’ve done fundraising for a race. In fact, I just started my page for a 5k on May 9 to benefit the Vermont Respite House. I love raising money for an organization I believe in, and the race is really well run.

  3. That’s AWESOME! It’s great that you’ve been raising so much money for such important causes, and all while training for these incredible races. MCM is definitely on my list to run. That’s such a great picture of you, BTW!

    • Me too, I couldn’t get it out of my head so I figured I’d just do it! Love the charity option, such a great way to combine something I love to do with a great cause!

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