A New Kind of Race…

So I just registered for a last minute 6 mile race next week…A PADDLE BOARD RACE!

Unless this is your first time here (in which case, welcome!), you probably know that stand up paddle boarding is one of my favorite things to do over the summer on Cape Cod.

Jason and I first tried paddle boarding on a trip to Aruba, then rented board a few times on Cape Cod before we quickly realized it would probably be more wallet friendly in the long run for us to just buy our own boards!

We paddle several times a week while we’re on the Cape and are always looking for new areas to check out – it’s such a fun way to see some of the little bays, rivers, harbors, nooks & crannies around the Cape!

Cape Cod Aloha

I also occasionally go to SUP Yoga!

SUP Sun Salutations

Neither Jason or I have ever participated in a paddle board race, but after hearing that a few people we know up here were going to be doing it (and that this was a fairly casual one!) we figured why not!

So, we are officially registered for the Cape Cod Shark Paddle to benefit the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy!

The race takes place in Orleans which is about an hour away from where we are on the Cape and pretty much right in the middle of Cape Cod shark country!

Cape Cod White Shark Graph

The little sharks on this map indicate actual great white shark sightings this year so far!

I know what you’re picturing…

Cape Cod Shark

You may remember this picture from the media a few years ago, and YES, it was taken on Cape Cod!

…I was too at first, but fortunately the race is being held in a (hopefully) nice, safe, protected cove.

SUP Race MapWe have the option of racing 2 miles or 6 miles (apparently we don’t even have to decide until race morning!), but I think we’re going to go for the challenge of the longer race!

I’m excited to try something new and see what I think about SUP racing, if I end up liking it, there are some other great SUP races and events around the Cape and New England I’d definitely be interested in checking out next summer!

Have you ever raced in any sport other than running?

If so, what???

If not, is there one you’d be interested in trying?

23 thoughts on “A New Kind of Race…

  1. You are so daring. I am dying to try stand up paddle boarding, but with a house on the market, a house under construction and running as usual, I have not had a minute to spare. I love your photos and this makes me want to try it even more!

    • I’ve never really tracked milage when we paddle so I’m thinking we’ve probably done paddles about that long before so it shouldn’t be too bad!

      And you should totally try paddle boarding if you get the chance! It’s a great core workout, but at the same time so relaxing just gliding through the water!

    • Haha, the race is 100% is a cove area inland so the race itself isn’t really in shark territory at all : )

      Our place on the Cape is so far from where the sharks are that we never really worry about going in the water…if I was closer to them I’m sure I’d think twice about it though!

  2. Wow, good luck to you! That’s a long way to paddle. I can only imagine that your lats will be huuuurtin! If you see a shark, start whacking at it with your paddle!

  3. I’m going to have to agree with Nicole on this one…ARE YOU MAD WOMAN?!?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!?!

    Other than paddling through shark potentially invested waters, good for you guys! I’m sure the race will be awesome and can’t wait to read the recap!

  4. How awesome!!
    Random question but how do you transport your boards? I really want to get one but I am worried about getting it to and from where I can go out? Do you have a rack on top of your car, and can you do it yourself or do you need Jason’s help?

    • Yup, we have a roof rack on Jason’s car and then you just use straps to hold them down. It’s a jeep so it’s kind of high, but I can do it myself – the boards actually aren’t as heavy as they probably look. Before Jason got up to the Cape I also improvised and shoved them in the back of my car sticking out for just a short drive (like 2 miles).

      Are you on Instagram? I posted a pic a few weeks ago of me putting it on top of the car and I think one of them sticking out of the back of mine!

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  6. I’ve always been curious about SUP–there’s a rental trailer right on the lake now, but I just haven’t felt like shelling out the bucks. Looks life fun–enjoy the race!

  7. So many “little” sharks on that map! Ahhhh! Sharks aside, it sounds like fun! I’ve only done runs and tris as an adult. But as a kid I raced as a swimmer and college student raced as a rower. Racing is fun, no matter the sport!!

  8. Sharks???? You’re racing with sharks? But it sounds super fun!! I do have to tell you that I’m hoping to do a beach vacation later this year and I’m thinking that will be an excellent time to try SUP (your pictures are helping convince me!).

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