Summer Goals

Since I’ve been a little (ok, a lot) off track the past few weeks I’m hoping it will help if I share some summer goals that I can look back at to help keep me motivated and accountable this summer.

Summers are a little less structured for me, so sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, but none of these goals are anything I shouldn’t be able to easily manage while also enjoying our time on Cape Cod!


1. Train with Jason for the Dumbo Double Dare

2. Marathon Training 

3. Reach Fundraising Goal 

My #1 goal this summer as far as running is concerned is to work with Jason to make sure he is trained and ready for the Dumbo Double Dare at the end of August.  Last year he ran his first race, the Disneyland 10k, and had such a great time he immediately began talking about doing the half.  We’re already a little behind on training since his work schedule has been so crazy, but once his off season gets here we should have plenty of time to get him ready!  I am so excited to have someone to run with this summer and to do these races with him!

Jason and Danielle Running

Jason and I in Disneyland after the 10k last year!

At the same time I’ll also be training for my fall marathon (or marathon’s…still debating adding a 2nd) and need to work towards reaching my fundraising goal for North Shore Animal League!


1. Practice 3x Week 

2. Work on Goal Poses

One of my favorite things to do while we’re at Cape Cod is Yoga on the Beach!  I’m fortunate enough that there is a morning class taught right on the private beach in our development so I can walk down and go a few times a week.  There is nothing like doing yoga in the warmth of the sun with the sound of the water nearby!

IMG_3808It’s a more gentle class than I typically do so I’d like to supplement it with some of my own practices so I can work on some deeper variations of poses I’ve been working towards as well – like being able to grab that back foot in the pose below!



1. Study for GRE’s

2. Work on Online DPT Application

So my 5 year plan for school is taking a little longer than I had originally anticipated, both because of a little bit of bad planning on my part and me constantly second guessing if this is really what I want to be doing.  As of right now I’m on track for another year of prerequisite classes and hopefully entering a DPT program fall of 2015 which means I need to study for and take the GRE’s this fall and work on my applications which will be due this fall/ winter.


Hopefully this will help keep me on track for a bit!

Do you set goals for yourself?

How do you get back on track if you’ve lost your focus?

18 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Where on the Cape is your house? My family vacations in Dennis every summer, and I’ll be there this Saturday through Wednesday! I’ve never done yoga on the beach before, I bet it’s lovely!

    • Our place is in Mashpee (right between Falmouth & Hyannis), I LOVE it up there! The yoga on the beach really is amazing, it’s just so relaxing! I know it’s about a 40 min drive, but if you ever want to come when you’re on the Cape let me know!

  2. It looks like you have a very busy summer coming up! I love to have a schedule to keep me on track. I’m meeting with my coach soon to set up my fall training plan.

    • It sounds like you’ve had such good experiences working with a coach. I always think about looking into it, but I’m not sure it’s something I could pay for right now…maybe eventually when I’m out of school : )

  3. Those are some great summer goals. That’s be fun for you and Jason to do some training together. My husband is much faster than I am, and though he’ll often offer to run together, I know he won’t get the workout he’d like, so I let him do his own thing so I don’t have to feel guilty haha. Yoga on the beach sounds amazing! That pose you are doing in has me in awe—I should really work on my flexibility…

    • Thanks Heather! Right now I’m faster than Jason (because he’s just started running but I’m sure he’ll catch up!), but I don’t mind slowing down at all since it’s nice to have some company on my runs!

    • I feel like if I don’t define some goals every once in awhile I’m just all over the place! (I’m also the type of person that needs to make lists for EVERYTHING! If it’s not on a list it doesn’t get done!)

  4. I’m so jealous of that Yoga on the beach! I really need to get up there! …and I really need to start doing more Yoga in general!

    I’m so excited that you’re going to be able to run with Jason! Running is so much better with someone and you guys are going to have a blast (well, as much fun as you can running) while training together!

  5. I feel like I’ve lost my focus for awhile now – I really should set a goal of doing yoga at least once a week!! Oh my gosh – yoga on the beach is the best. The waves crashing on the beach is so soothing and really helps me to focus on my mat rather than all the other thoughts that pop into my mind.

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