Thoughts on Joining a NYCM Charity Team – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on my thoughts on joining a charity team for this year’s New York City Marathon.  I sort of had mixed feelings, and really loved all the feedback I got from everyone.

At the time I thought the “3 strikes and your IN” rule still applied to their lottery (if you don’t get in 3 years in a row you are guaranteed entry on the 4th year), so I thought I would just wait and have guaranteed entry next year.  However, a helpful reader pointed out that 2014 was in fact the last year that rule applied so I was out of luck for next year unless I got in through the regular lottery.

I had decided I was not going to join a fundraising team this year and I’d just have to take my chances at getting in through the lottery in the future, and honestly, I was totally fine with this decision.  As much as I feel like I need to run New York at some point there are so many other races I’m looking forward to doing just as much.

Then one morning last week after a conversation with my husband where he passed on some encouraging words from (of all places) someone he used to work with (but someone I really respect), I sort of did a complete 180 and was like, “oh forget it, I’m just going to do it this year!”

So, I’m excited to share that I’ll be running the 2014 New York City Marathon as part of Team Animal League to benefit North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization located right here on Long Island!

North Shore Animal League Logo

In the coming weeks I’ll be taking a tour of the facility and I’ll share more information on their mission and some of my fundraising efforts.

I’m definitely excited to be running the New York City Marathon the same year as so many of my friends and I’m honored to do it on behalf of all the amazing pets at North Shore Animal League!

26 thoughts on “Thoughts on Joining a NYCM Charity Team – Part 2

    • Yay! I feel like I know or know of so many people running this year! I have to admit that did play a little bit into changing my mind and deciding to do it this year!

  1. That is a perfect charity for you Danielle. I can’t wait to see your post after you tour their facility. If I ever did fundraising for a race, it would be either for animals or children. So glad you will be running NYC marathon after all!

    • Thanks Pam, if I was going to fundraise I felt very strongly about it being for a cause I felt passionate about – the funny thing is when I wrote the original post about thinking about running for a charity I actually had a completely different one in mind! This one was listed a few days later and when I saw it I actually started to get excited about fundraising for them : )

  2. What a great cause! I didn’t even know they were a charity you could race for! If/When I ever get my puppy, I’m getting it from there. Still debating whether I’m going to volunteer or spectate, but either way, I’m taking requests for mid-race snacks! 🙂

  3. Ahhh, that’s GREAT! So excited for you. And for such a fantastic cause! I would definitely fundraise for an organization like this; sounds like a perfect fit for you. Can’t wait to learn all about it!

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  5. Yay!! And what a great cause!! North Shore was one of the places I checked regularly when I was looking to adopt. I still get their e-mails. So happy you’re running and for the doggies too!

    • Yeah, you know how much Madison means to Jason and I so it’s a great fit! I’m looking forward to visiting their facility, but I’m worried I’m going to want to adopt all the dogs I see!

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