Travel Race Recovery Tips

The key to completing a back- to-back race challenge lies in the between race recovery!

We’ve probably all got our at-home run recovery routine down pat, but being “on the road” for a destination race may take a little extra planning to get the same type of recovery you’re used to.  While I’m getting ready for my Dopey Challenge trip and making sure to pack all my recovery essentials I thought I’d share some Travel Race Recovery Tips!

Hotel Room Yoga

Yup, even with the limited space of a hotel room you can get in a few good stretches to aid in your recovery between races!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Hotel Yoga 1

Hamstring Stretch

Hotel Yoga 2

Piriformis & Hip Stretch

Hotel Yoga 3

Hamstring, Calves & Shoulder Stretch

**remember you should just feel a gentle stretch, nothing pulling or painful!**

For more easy Yoga for Runners you can check out these posts:

Yoga for Your Feet

Post-Run Squat

R.I.C.E for Runners

You can read my full post on R.I.C.E. (Roll. Ice. Compression. Elevation.) for Runners HERE, but here are a few added tips for R.I.C.E. on the road!

  • Roll  – invest in a travel size foam roller or massage stick, there are plenty of options available and you’ll be glad you have it to work your legs between races!
  • Ice – hotels make it easy by typically having an ice machine on each floor, I usually grab an empty trash can in my room and fill it up for either an ice bath or spot icing!
  • Compression – don’t forget to pack your compression socks &/or pants!  (I shamelessly wore mine around the parks last year between Goofy races.)
  • Elevation – lie with your legs up the wall for 10-15 minutes in your hotel room for a gentle stretch and some easy muscle recovery and relaxation!
Legs up the Wall

Jenn & I with our legs up the wall
after the Wine & Dine Half Marathon


Unfortunately options may be limited at Disney, so be sure to bring any pre, during and post race fuel that you may need!

I typically carry zip locks of my powdered electrolyte and recovery drink and bring a shaker bottle to make them.  I also pack plenty of snacks that I may not be able to get on property like instant oatmeal for breakfast and protein bars to carry on me throughout the week so I don’t get hungry!

Recovery Drink Mixes

Power Bars, Oatmeal, Powerade, Cytomax & Endurox Recovery Mix

And most important don’t forget to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!

Walk It Out

It may be tempting to get in bed or stay off your feet completely all day, but walking out your legs a little between races is a great way to help them recover.  Take advantage of being at Disney and get out and walk around a bit – just be (very!) cautious not to over do it!  

My plan most days is going to be to head back to my room after the race to shower and do some recovery, then I’ll go to a park to walk around and eat, maybe a quick afternoon nap (or maybe pool time??) and dinner before I’m back to the room and in bed early to get ready for the next day!

What race recovery do you use for back-to-back races?

Do you do anything different being in a hotel vs. home?

Dopey Challenge Logo

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a health professional, only a yoga teacher and fellow runner sharing recovery tips that have worked for me!  Please consider your own health circumstances before using any of these tips and consult with your doctor if necessary!  

22 thoughts on “Travel Race Recovery Tips

  1. I did pretty much what you recommended for Goofy last year, except I skipped a park visit and hung around at the Poly which was nice. There was a Dole Whip meetup so I chatted with some runners for a while and then between eating, an ice bath, and just relaxing by the pool the day was gone! I plan to do the same next Saturday after the half marathon! You may need to keep C entertained!

    • Haha, I was thinking about skipping a park on Saturday, but knowing me I’ll probably end up going for a bit just to grab lunch and walk around – Christine is more than welcome to join if she wants! : )

  2. Oooh, good idea. I wasn’t planning on running in my compression socks, but I’ll totally wear them between the 10K and half. I have no qualms about being the person in neon yellow knee highs in the parks. Great idea!

  3. I don’t drink tap water when I am doing “race-cations”–sticking only to bottled water when I am away. Local water will always have a slightly different mix of minerals, microscopic life, etc. that could wreak major havoc on your digestive system when you run. I stick to bottled water once I leave my city and never have problems.

    Oh and recovery for Dumbo Double Dare–nap, stretch, foam roll, ice and my Play 110% Compression Pants and CEP Compression Socks. My legs felt amazing the next day. Good luck in Dopey! ~Lisa

  4. I absolutely think walking it out helps so much. After my first half, I sat at lunch, sat at tea time at the GF, sat on a plane to go home, and was so sore the next day. I try to walk it out now after each race and I haven’t been that sore since.

  5. I like to do the leg’s up method on a lounge chair by the pool. And crap I forgot my oatmeal which of course is a necessity since I can’t eat the stuff in those runner’s breakfast boxes because it’s an offense to bagels and I have no idea what’s open at the Boardwalk…

    • Wait, what’s a runner’s breakfast box??! And yeah, last time there wasn’t anything open before the race busses so I just did instant oatmeal and bread and peanut butter in my room.

      • They had them for sale in some of the hotel quick service places–they were boxes with a bagel, banana and some other stuff in them that you could take with you to the race. Not everyone had them, I think they were mostly for places that wouldn’t have something open in the morning.

  6. Good tips! Luckily my sis lives there, so we’ll be staying with her – our own kitchen, yes! I’m going to try and avoid the parks until after – I always do too much walking!

    • Very jealous you’ll have a kitchen! I had a 1 bedroom villa last year so I had a kitchen but totally forgot about that when I booked this year and only have a studio – oh well, I’m sure I’ll survive!

  7. I usually only pack a carry-on but I’m flying JetBlue and get to check a bag for free, so I’m packing a huge suitcase so one of my foam rollers fits! I’m only (ha, only) doing the 10K and the full marathon but I’m so excited to have a full-sized recovery aid with me!

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