Weekly Training Recap

It’s Dopey Week!

The training is done, my 10k costume is ready (keep an eye out for a fun sneak-peak tomorrow!) and I just need to finish packing before my flight on Wednesday morning!

RECAP (12/30-1/5)

Monday – 3 mile run, 30 minutes elliptical

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – rest day

Trying to rest my foot since my arch has really been bothering me.  I somehow convinced my sister to give me a foot massage though…score!

foot massage

Friday – 45 minutes elliptical & foam rolling

And I took advantage of the snow to ice my foot!


Saturday – rest day

Sunday – foam rolling & stretching

I was going to run, but slipped on some ice and fell on my butt just walking to my car so I figured it was safer to stay on the couch!

Weekly Mileage –  8 miles

2014 Mileage – 5 miles


Definitely “tapered” a little more than I had planned, but with all the snow and ice I wasn’t going to risk breaking a leg on some ice the week before Dopey!

NEXT WEEK (1/6-1/12)

It’s Dopey Week!

Here’s a quick overview, but be sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram (@dnardi710 for both) for updates throughout the week!

Monday – pack & costume reveal post!

Tuesday – massage

Wednesday – flight to Florida & Expo!

Thursday – 5k

Friday – 10k 

Saturday – half marathon

Sunday – marathon! And Jason’s Birthday!

And keep a eye out for Al,

he’s excited for a trip to Florida after all the snow!


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