Yoga for Runner’s – If you’re going to do just one pose…

…do a squat!

Squat PoseA squat is perfect to do post-run or race because this one quick and easy pose stretches all these areas:

  • feet
  • achilles tendon
  • calves
  • quadriceps
  • hips
  • back
  • also good practice if you want to skip the porta-potty line on race day

** Tip – if you’re well balanced use your elbows to push into your knees/ inner thighs to deepen the stretch a bit!

Be warned though, once you’re down there if you just ran a hard race you may need a hand to get back up – or you may just topple right over like I did after the New York 13.1 last month!

Fallen Squat

**Note to Self – don’t squat, eat and try to text at the same time!

Happy Squatting!

9 thoughts on “Yoga for Runner’s – If you’re going to do just one pose…

  1. I was definitely doing squats every time I was stopped after I finished the half on Sunday. Who knew I was actually doing the right thing? Awesome! 🙂

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