1 Year Later

I meant to get this post out this morning, but with 3 tests this week (all sciences!) I pretty much haven’t done anything that doesn’t involve text books, a calculator and graph paper or a model of a skull…

College Work

These were pretty much my views all week!

I haven’t even gone for a run since my 20 miler on Sunday!

But, a post is definitely in order now that I can relax for a few minutes because today is exactly 1 year from the day I left my full time job to go back to school!

Bands Last Gig

Me and my colleagues my last day at MSG!

So, the question is – 1 year later, what do I think??

I guess  the good news is that since I left, while I’ve second guessed and doubted my decision to go back to school for physical therapy, I’ve never regretted leaving my job.  Working in entertainment and professional sports was a lot of fun and I had a lot of really great and unique experiences, but I was never particularly passionate about it and it was definitely time for a change.

Right after I left last September I started a yoga teacher training class and am now a certified yoga teacher!  Definitely not something I ever thought I’d do, but I’m so glad I did – I met a lot of great people, learned a lot about the practice of yoga and now I get to share it by teaching others!

Yoga Teacher Training Group

Yoga Teacher Training

In January of 2013 I started taking the pre-requisite classes I need to apply to Doctorate of Physical Therapy programs.  That first semester I took Bio, Chem and Psychology and over the summer I took Bio II and Statistics.  It was awkward being back in school for the first few weeks (and by that I mean it was a complete culture shock from a corporate office in NYC), but after awhile I got used to it and just focused on doing well, which I did.

This semester has been very different so far.  While I was well aware that taking on Anatomy, Chemisty, Physics and Psychology would be quite a workload, it’s even more than I anticipated.  Add that to a weak and out of practice math background and I had a major meltdown within the first couple of weeks and wanted to quit.

I got through that and decided to keep going and just do my best (I mean the semester was paid for already, right?!?).

I’d have to say that this week has hands down been my busiest school week yet with an anatomy test (that went great), a chemistry test (that went not so great), a physics test (that got postponed because we were on lockdown in the school because of a shooting in the area), and an online psychology test (tomorrow).  An overwhelming week to say the least.

And, if I make it through this semester I have Physiology, Physics II and a math course in the spring!

One of the main reasons I was ready to leave my job was was because I wasn’t challenged by…I guess if nothing else I solved that problem!

So, 1 year later I can say I’m still happy with my decision.

I’m going to keep working and do my best to make it through these pre-requiste classes and get into a DPT program, but if it doesn’t happen I won’t regret leaving my job.  It was time for a change I’m glad I finally found the courage to make that change, wherever it ends up leading me!

Change Quote

17 thoughts on “1 Year Later

  1. Congrats on one year done! Leaving a good job is always a tough decision. I was crazy scared when I left mine to go freelance, but I haven’t regretted it for a day. Glad you’re happy too! Here’s to your exciting, challenging adventure!

  2. So glad you are enjoying school, most of the time. Being a yoga instructor and practicing yoga has to help with the stress of the science and math classes too! Good luck, I am sure you are in countdown mode for this semester!

  3. Congratulations and happy anniversary! It took so much guts to do what you did! And it will definitely be worth it! I kinda feel like I should quote something from Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go” here, since this seems to fit right in with it lol. Congrats again! 🙂

  4. You don’t know how much your post has helped me today!!! After being a full time mom for 20 years I’m starting to work for the first time and it has been overhelming. I just wanted you to know you have inspired someone in the little island of Puerto Rico. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment, I can’t tell you how much it means to me! It’s very humbling to know that sharing my journey has inspired others.

      Sending best wishes and positive thoughts to you in Puerto Rico, I’m sure you’ll do great going back to work! Please stop back and let me know how it goes!

  5. Congrats!! Sometimes the decision is the hardest part! 🙂 I love that quote – definitely something I needed to hear today.

  6. I’ve been stalking your blog for the last few months because I’ve finally decided that I need something different. I’m debating getting a masters in athletic training or a DPT but either way I have the same EXACT five year plan as you do … except 1 year later (but I did my yoga teacher training LAST year!). Just wondering, did you consider going the athletic training route since you want to work mostly with athletes anyway?

  7. I’ve been silently stalking your blog for the last few months because I’ve finally decided to make a change … I’m still debating between getting a masters in athletic training or a DPT but either way there are tons of classes I need to take. I have the EXACT same 5 year plan as you do except 1 year later (and I did my teacher training LAST year!). Thank you for posting your honest experiences with this transition … it’s really helpful. I’m just wondering if you ever considered studying athletic training since you want to work mostly with athletes?

    • Oh my goodness, there is SOOOO much I feel like I can say to you right now!

      Ok, first of all, thank you for commenting, it’s really nice to know that writing about this experience has helped others.

      Second, I feel like I have a lot of thoughts and feedback on my experience so far to share, too much for a blog comment so please feel free to e-mail me at LiveRunGrow@gmail.com – but only if you want to! If you’d rather I just mind my own business that’s fine too!

      Lastly, I’ll actually answer your question! Yes, I considered athletic training and exercise science, but after speaking to some AT’s and PT’s it really sounded like there were many more opportunities for PT’s. Athletic training is much more limited and I even spoke with an AT who said he wished he had done PT for just that reason. Also I’d suggest starting some observation hours before you make that decision too…after doing observation hours I realized that there were some other specialties in PT that I’d really enjoy too!

      Good luck and I hope to hear from you! Please keep me updated on how everything is going!

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