Cape Cod SUP Adventures!

So, Jason and I are two and a half weeks into our three weeks at Cape Cod and so far all I’ve posted are training updates with a few pictures of what we’ve been up to – sorry!

If you follow me on Instagram though you may have noticedthat the past two days Jason and I have been off on some awesome paddleboard adventures!  (And we’re totally regretting not having a GoPro or waterproof digital camera!)

Megansett Beach

Yesterday I finally got around to going to a SUP Yoga class and while the water was a bit rougher than usual it was still a lot of fun (and had me really thinking about getting a SUP Yoga certification…hmmm).

Lucky for me, Jason tagged along and took some great pictures and then took off for a paddle of his own.

IMG_4737Today we headed out again and dropped our boards in near the New Seabury Marina to paddle around Popponesset Island.  We paddled down the canal and around the spit until we got out to open ocean (where we stopped for a quick swim!) and then made our way back and played around in the bay for awhile.

Jason SUPI grabbed my camera from the car and took a bunch of pictures…

CC Kayaks

CC Red Boat…then I jumped back in so Jason could take a few more SUP Yoga pictures for me!

SUP Sun Salutations

SUP Sun Salutations!


SUP Fall


We’re hoping to go out again in the same area tomorrow and head in the opposite direction paddling further into the bay.

Honestly, we’re getting depressed already thinking about leaving (and talk non-stop about just quitting life in NY and moving up here!), but fortunately we know we’ll be up for a few long weekends in August at least!

11 thoughts on “Cape Cod SUP Adventures!

    • I don’t think it’s too hard to balance, but being on calm water definitely helps! We have kayaks up here too, but we both prefer the paddle boarding…I don’t know why but for some reason I feel don’t like the sitting in the kayaks!

  1. Great pic’s and very envious of the time on the Cape and the food. Wish we were there even for a day with you guys. What’s SUB?

  2. Look at that perfect plank form and your legs look so JACKED in your headstand!! I love SUPing, I really wish we had one, I would go all the time, darn being broke PT school problems haha!

    • Haha, when I first looked at the headstand picture I was like, “oh my gosh, my legs are HUGE!” Seriously, I’ve always had issues finding pants because of it!

  3. This makes me want to surf. Not as tranquil, but you get a good workout too and you don’t even realize it until you can’t move the next day.

  4. Those SUP Yoga pictures look amazing! I’d love to try it one day. . .when I’m actually any good at yoga. Otherwise, I know I’d be in the water more than I would out of it.

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