A Rainy Day & 3 Random Things

It’s been a cold, rainy day up here at the Cape…

Cape Rain

…so we went to breakfast…

Breakfast at Percys

…watched a movie (Cars), did some shopping (Vineyard Vines),

and then – TWIN LOBSTER TIME!!!

Twin Lobster Dinner

Finished off with some ice cream

(because no dinner at the Cape is complete without ice cream!)

and we’re off to bed with fingers crossed for some sun tomorrow!

In the meantime I just wanted to share a few fun things!

1. They’re BAAAAACK!

Turkeys are Friends

Seriously, these things scare the CRAP out of me!

They are hands down the only thing I WILL NOT miss about the Cape!

(In NY we just have raccoons the size of small bears.)

2. Apparently I have a super power…


Meet my new friends Alfie and Bailey!

Lost Dogs

I found Alfie on the beach last week (going for a swim!)…

and Bailey we found walking around the market area today!

Both were happily reunited with their humans!


3. I may be thinking about a costume for the Disneyland 10k…

I’m not sure I can handle a costume for a half marathon,

but the 10k may be doable…thoughts???

Do you costume or not??

8 thoughts on “A Rainy Day & 3 Random Things

  1. Costume is a must! Would love to be there, even in the rain!
    Glad you are enjoying your time there.
    p.s. let the turkeys fatten up a few more months before you……

  2. I like functional costumes. I wore a tutu for a color run, and will never wear one for anything again. My arms were all scratched up. I think you can look fun without being uniform table, and I’m sticking with that, I’ll never win any running costume contests, a dim okay with it.

    • I agree, if I do go with some sort of costume it’s DEFINITELY going to be functional – made out of running clothes, no crazy tutu’s or props! I’m with you as far as not winning and contests, I’m SO not creative, that’s actually part of what has held me back from doing it before, I feel like it’s going to be pathetic compared to what some people come up with!

  3. Super delicious looking food! I have a shorts tan too. One of the hazards of being a runner. As for costumes, I am all for it! I even PR’d in costumed at the Princess Half. Costumed for the full marathon too. Definitely going to costume for W&D. The key is bodyglide and lots of it. Go for it!

    • Your costumes are always so great! I’m trying to put together something relatively simply made out of running clothes and stuff so that I’m comfortable. I think I’m going to do it for the 10k and I’m still contemplating for the 1/2…

  4. Lol at the turkeys, you should visit Oz and see an Emu up close now those things are scarey and BIG!! LOL!

  5. The key to running costumes is using running/ light materials. That way, it’s not a big deal. I wasn’t going to rock a costume for Dumbo, but as it gets closer the more I want to.

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