Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (7/15-7/21)

Monday – 9 mile run (included in last week’s totals)

Tuesday – 2.5 mile walk/ run with Jason & 2.5 mile run

Wednesday – 90 minute yoga on the beach class

yoga on the beach

Thursday – 2.5 mile run w/ Jason

Friday – 90 minute yoga on the beach class

Saturday – 3 mile run w/ Jason

Sunday – 11 mile run

CC seen on a run

Yoga – 3 hours 

Weekly Mileage –  21.5 miles (Monday’s miles were included in last week’s totals)

2013 Mileage – 379 miles


I’m amazed I got in as much as I did this week (and all outdoors at that!) considering the heat wave & crazy humidity! Luckily we had some rain today and it seemed to break the humidity a bit (just enough so that it doesn’t feel like you’re breathing with a bag over your head).

After over a year and 3 pairs of Saucony Triumphs I’ve recently been in the market for new sneakers…unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of the update, so after searching for a few weeks (and many trips to my local running store!) I finally settled on these Asics Gel Cumulus 15’s.

New Sneakers

I took them out for a spin today and while the jury is still out on if I found “my glass slipper”, I did like them.

NEXT WEEK (7/22-7/28)

It’s our last full week on Cape Cod for the summer so I’ll be getting in as much yoga on the beach as I can and hopefully finishing the week with a long run!

Weekly Dose of Maddie!

Maddie's "Hot" Dog Tip: Beat the heat with cool, wet paper towels!

Maddie’s “Hot” Dog Tip:
Beat the heat with cool, wet paper towels! 

9 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. It must be so great to get to do Yoga on the beach! And having that beautiful scenery on your runs! Hope there were no more Wild Turkeys! 🙂

  2. I hate when they update running shoes and make them worse! That happened to me with my Mizuno Wave Rider. Now I run in a different shoe but it’s just not the same. Hope you fall in lock with your new kicks!

    • : ( I was just telling my husband I don’t think I love it…I mean it’s fine and I’ll run it in, but I think I may need to look for another pair to rotate between since I don’t love it enough for marathon training long runs.

  3. Glad to you got cram so much great stuff into your week Danielle and loving the new shoes, I’m an Asics convert from way back, so I reckon you made the right choice! 🙂

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