Weekly Training Recap

A few days late, but I couldn’t bring myself to sit in front of my computer when this was right outside the door!

Cape Cod Beach

RECAP (7/1-7/7)

Monday – CrossFit Foundations #4

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class and 2 mile run/ walk with Jason

Wednesday – CrossFit Foundations #5

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class and 2.5 mile run/ walk with Jason

Friday – taught two 1 hour yoga classes

Saturday – rest day and drove up to Cape Cod!


Hope we didn’t forget anything!

Sunday – 8 mile run and 30 minutes SUP (with a little SUP yoga!)

Paddle Board Split

Yoga – 3 hours and taught two 1 hour classes

Weekly Mileage –  12.5 miles

2013 Mileage – 335 miles


I was finally getting excited about CrossFit and just my luck I walk into class on Wednesday and the coach tells us an investor backed out and the place is closing effective immediately!  So much for my 20 class Groupon! : (

It’s been a lot of fun running with Jason, he’s been doing really great (and I’m working on convincing him to do a 5k with me in a couple of weeks!).  Glad I got in Sunday’s 8 mile run, it’s the first run over 5 miles in quite some time!

NEXT WEEK (7/8-7/14)

We’re at Cape Cod for the next 3 weeks so there will be lots of running and yoga on the beach in my future!  I’m really trying to start following my MCM training plan, although training just “officially” started I feel like I have a bit of catch up to do since I didn’t really keep up with a good base the past few months.

Weekly Dose of Maddie!


Thank you to everyone who left me book suggestions last week!

I ordered a few of them for my trip, 

and I made a list of the rest to read in the future!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I would lose my balance lying on that surfboard, let alone doing that! Awesome! If it helps convince him, Doug is doing a 5K with me in a couple of weeks, his first “official” race, so Jason can definitely do it! Oh and ignore my previous groupon comment, I clearly hadn’t read this post yet…oops :/

    • Haha, balancing on the paddleboard really isn’t bad in calm water, it was a little rough that day though so I was struggling a little bit. Hopefully I’ll get some better pictures on a calm day : )

  2. First, your SUP skills are incredible! Hope you are enjoying some much needed brain relaxation time!
    Second, I swear to you I ran past your twin today and starred her down so hard, I am sure she thought I was absolutely nuts. I really really thought it was you, but then remembered I read this post last night and that you were not anywhere near Charleston, SC. Ha ha, whoops!

  3. Sorry to hear about your crossfit gym closing up, that sucks.. but at least you are heading to your favourite place to do some of your favourite things with your favourite people no less!! :)) BTW love the yoga pic and well Maddie just steels the limelight as always!! Have a great holiday my friend!! :)) xo

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