Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (6/24-6/30)

Monday – taught 1 hour yoga class and CrossFit Foundations #1

CrossFit Manhasset

I’ve been wanting to try CrossFit for awhile now (especially after seeing the amazing effect it has had on my friend Jenn’s running), so when my local CrossFit box had a Groupon deal for 20 classes for $75 I couldn’t resist giving it a try.  I’m starting off with the 6 class Foundation series that teaches you the basic movements and ends each class with a short WOD or workout of the day.

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class and 2 mile run

Wednesday – CrossFit Foundations #2, 90 minute Yamuna & Yoga class

Thursday – rest day / foam rolling (my quads are so sore!)

Friday – 3 mile run and CrossFit Foundations #3

Saturday – 2 mile run/ walk with Jason & 2 mile run

Sunday – 90 minute yoga class and 5 mile run

natural glow

Yoga – 4.5 hours and taught 1 hour   

Weekly Mileage –  14 miles

2013 Mileage – 322.5 miles


Glad I’m finally getting to try CrossFit, but my quads pretty sore which made my running a little difficult this week.  Not to mention the recently humidity is killing me, marathon training this summer is going to be brutal!

NEXT WEEK (7/1-7/7)

Honestly this week can’t go fast enough – at the end of the week we’ll be heading up to Cape Cod for 3+ weeks of beach time, stand-up paddle boarding and lots of seafood!  I’ll be completing the 2nd half of CrossFit Foundations this week and trying to get in as much yoga as possible before heading out of town.

Weekly Dose of Maddie!

Maddie Swimming

Also, I sent out this tweet this week,

always looking for more recommendations if you have any!

23 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. hey dani.. i am checking your blog on an iMAC in Italy, and I am having the same problem, nothing shows up until I try to respond.  You should try opening your blog page on another computer and see if the same thing happens.  If it dosnt, it must me my e-mail address.  Let me know..ù      dad Sent from iCloud DJN

  2. Wow! That was a really big workout week. I will be curious to see if the Cross Fit helps you as much as others with their running speed. I am trying classes this summer and hope the yoga helps me improve my speed! Core body strength can help you push through at the end of a race.

    • Yes! Done with my summer class, so trying to pack in as much as I can workout wise before heading to Cape Cod! I plan on writing a post about CrossFit soon, I know other people have seen amazing endurance results so I’m hoping for the same, but I’m not sure if overall I’m going to end up loving it…

  3. You could try either of the books by Dean Karnazes (don’t know if you’ve read them yet). He’s another Ultramarathoner. There’s also “3500: An Austistic Boy’s Ten Year Romance With Snow White.” It’s not a very long book, but it is heart warming and goes into the “magic of Disney.”

    I’m also so jealous of the CrossFit! Maybe someday I’ll work up the nerve for it.

  4. I am DYING to try Crossfit! Maybe I need to keep an eye out for a Groupon, too! I’m still hating the humidity, too…but I think I’m (starting) to get used to it, thank goodness. Training for a marathon in the summer will not be easy, but, you’ll rock it! 🙂

    • Yeah, the Groupon is a great way to try it because it’s just so expensive otherwise. I’m hoping to train through the humidity all summer and then show up to a nice cool, non-humid fall race and be in good shape! : )

  5. Ooh book suggestions…The Art of Racing in the Rain, Unbroken (has a slight running flavor), In the Garden of Beasts, The Paris Wife, Huck, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, Southern Charm. 🙂

    I’m getting back into yoga again…figured you would be proud of me! 🙂

    • Yeah yoga! I think we should start a petition for them to offer yoga during the expo at runDisney races!

      I loved Unbroken! And thank you for reminding me about The Art of Racing in the Rain…I actually have it but have been reluctant to read it because it sounds sad : ( I need to just get over it and read it!

  6. I can never get enough photos of Maddie! Great books I’ve read lately: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Running books: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (one of my fave authors, obviously :), Once A Runner by John L. Parker, Jr.

  7. The Book Theif, Firefly Lane (Kristen Hannah), The Secret Life of Cee Cee Wilkes (Diane Chamberlain), Divergent series if you haven’t tried those, Beach Trees (Karen White) and to appeal to your PT side Over My Head.
    I have a whole stinking page on my blog of good books (in my opinion) I could go on and on forever!

    • Thank you so much, I’m putting together quite the list! I am definitely going to order “Over My Head”, that sounds so interesting! P.S. – have you read The Long Run? As a PT and runner you’d really like it, it’s one of my favorite books!

  8. Oh the crossfit sounds like fun Danielle, I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but it’ll have to wait till after Ironman! Have fun on your holiday at Cape Cod! Maddie looks adorable in the pool!! 🙂

    • I totally was too scared to try it too, but you have to start with the Foundations classes so you know everyone in that class is brand new too! Give it a try! Unfortunately my place closed after my 5th class, an investor backed out, so I won’t get to continue : (

  9. I really want to try Crossfit but I’m so intimidated. I think once I get settled in St. Louis I’ll try to find a place to finally try it out. I love the Maddie pic!!

    • Totally don’t be intimidated (although I totally was too!), the good thing is everyone has to start with the Foundations class so you know everyone else in your class is brand new (and probably totally scared) too! Unfortunately my place closed unexpectedly after only my 5th class so I won’t be able to continue as of right now : (

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