Today I discovered Yamuna.

No, it’s not a type of sushi.  Not a small unheard of country.  And it’s not Yiddish (at least I don’t think so!).

What it IS, is: a self massage, muscle stretching, strengthening & toning routine.  Using inflatable balls bones are stimulated, tendons elongated and circulation is increased.


Between all the yoga I’ve been doing for teacher training and the running for marathon training my body is starting to fight back.  My hamstrings are screaming.  I’m pretty sure there’s someone coming up and stabbing me in the piriformis (piriformi???) every time I bend over.  And poses like pigeon during practice fall into a confusing grey area between sheer torture and an amazing.

Enter Yamuna Body Rolling.  So, you know how I (and most runners) have a secret (or not so secret) love affair with their foam rollers?  Well, Yamuna is better.  OH. SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Think about it, your foam roller can only really go in one direction.  Ok, 2 directions…UP & DOWN.  When you’re rolling on inflatable balls you can go in all sorts of directions and when you hit a tight spot you can really use your body weight to work it out in whatever direction it needs to be worked out.  It’s basically like a self deep tissue massage!

In the class we worked on our right leg first and then we laid down on our backs to compare and my right leg was noticeably longer and my right quad was flatter than my left!  It was amazing (and enough proof for me that it works!).  By the time I left the studio I felt like someone had pressed the reset button on my body!

Definitely looking forward to taking this class again next week to learn more about body rolling and incorporating this into my marathon training!

Has anyone else heard of or tried this?!?

3 thoughts on “Yamuna

  1. This sounds like something I need!! It seems like it would be much easier to maneuver than a foam roller. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, the fact that you can roll in more than one direction really helps to get at certain spots you can’t get to with a foam roller. I’m looking forward to going to the class again this week…I’m thinking about buying of the balls for at home (it may be easier to pack for trips too than a foam roller!).

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