Social Media + Fitness = A Great(ist) Match!

Recently the powers that be at Greatist asked their super awesome ambassadors to ponder the question, “how does social media influence your health & fitness?”  

Well, considering I was fairly anti-social media altogether before I started running, it was pretty easy to identify the social media & fitness connection for me.

Here are just a few of the ways my favorite social media platforms influence my health and fitness:


Keep in touch with new friends

I’ve met so many great new friends through running and yoga and twitter allows me to keep in touch with so many of them (and find out who I may be able to connect with at upcoming races and events!)

Follow ______________…

You can fill in the blank with just about anything! Race organizations to get updates, inspirational athletes for motivation or your favorite fitness companies for deals and product info!

Tips, Suggestions & Motivation

Looking for a suggestion for new sneakers or a good book? Or some motivation to get out the door for your run? Put out a call on Twitter and chances are one of your followers will have a recommendation or some words of encouragement!

Tweet Chats

If you haven’t participated in a tweet chat, what are you waiting for?!?  It’s a great way to get advice from experts and connect with like minded tweeps (twitter peeps!).

You know, just chattin’ with Bart Yasso, no big deal!


Share Accomplishments

I love Instagram for sharing health & fitness related photos! Post race medals, a new yoga pose, a healthy meal – snap a pic to share and see how much your followers like what you’re up to!  Go ahead and brag a little – you earned it!

Instagram 1


New Ideas

Looking for a new workout or recipe? Chances are you’ll find just what you’re looking for and more browsing Pinterest! I love that you can create your own boards and pin ideas to come back to!  (In fact, Pinterest is how I discovered Greatist when I found & pinned their foam roller infographic!)


I can’t tell you how many amazing motivational quotes and pictures I’ve come across on Pinterest, this is one of my favorites!

Should I Workout Today

I’d love to know:

How does social media influence your health & fitness?

and what is your favorite social media platform?

4 thoughts on “Social Media + Fitness = A Great(ist) Match!

  1. Hi Dani… just wanted to let you know that I have been unable to open any or your blog e-mails for over two weeks… the only way I can see them is by responding to your e-mail,then they become visible.  Did you change anything. I wonder if anyone else is having gthe same problem?       dad Sent from iCloud DJN

    • Hmmm…no, I haven’t changed anything and I haven’t heard of anyone else having that problem, Jason said he doesn’t have any trouble with the e-mails…

  2. I am on facebook a fair bit which I use to catch up with friends, but I have just recently joined and become addicted! It is a great site, very motivating and encouraging for those of the fitness persuasion.

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