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Social Media + Fitness = A Great(ist) Match!

Recently the powers that be at Greatist asked their super awesome ambassadors to ponder the question, “how does social media influence your health & fitness?”   Well, considering I was fairly anti-social media altogether before I started running, it was pretty easy to identify the social media & fitness connection for me. Here are just a few … Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration

I saw this posted on a fellow Greatist Ambassador Hannah’s blog a few weeks ago and it just seemed so relevant to me since I’m in the process of going back to school for 5 years!  Definitely a good quote for me to keep in mind when I start to get frustrated about how long it’s going to take me! A … Continue reading

#AskGreatist with Bart Yasso

Last night I joined my first Twitter chat.  Honestly, not sure what took me so long to check one out, but when I saw Bart Yasso was going to be answering questions on #AskGreatist and I was home doing nothing (ok, I should have been studying, but we’ll call it a study break!) I decided … Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration

Today’s weekend inspiration is brought to you by my friends over at Greatist! To see more of their awesome inspiration posters click HERE!