#AskGreatist with Bart Yasso

Last night I joined my first Twitter chat.  Honestly, not sure what took me so long to check one out, but when I saw Bart Yasso was going to be answering questions on #AskGreatist and I was home doing nothing (ok, I should have been studying, but we’ll call it a study break!) I decided to check it out.

For those who aren’t familiar with a Twitter chat it’s basically a pre-arranged group chat communicating through tweets using a specific hashtag (a hashtag is an identifying word preceded by a “#”) so participants can search the hashtag and follow the conversation – last night’s hashtag was #AskGreatist (you can click on the link to view the entire conversation).

It was actually really cool!  I was able to tweet questions using the hashtag that were answered by Bart himself!  Check out my questions and his answers below:

(Bart followed this one up by saying he prefers to stretch after runs because that’s when his muscles are warm!)

How cool is that!  I honestly used to not really be a huge fan of social media, but I do have to admit it’s pretty cool when someone like Bart Yasso is accessible for everyone to ask all their running questions to!

I know Greatist is working on putting together more chats with other really great hosts, so as I hear about them I’ll be sure to share, or you can follow @Greatist on Twitter for updates!

Have you ever participated in a twitter chat?

Are there any good regular ones you suggest checking out??

4 thoughts on “#AskGreatist with Bart Yasso

  1. I haven’t start speed work so that question goes over my head….And I understand the idea of not stretching before a workout, but I would have liked to ask him what kind of warm up to do! I’ve never joined a twitter chat before….but I need to start looking for them!

    • If I remember correctly someone else asked him about warming up for a run and he said he just starts off running slowly to warm up. The Twitter chat was a lot of fun, I’d check one out if you find one that interests you!

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