MCM Training: A Plan

Oh crap.

4 months until my next marathon and not only have I not actually started training, but I’ve barely even thought about it!

The good news is the summer intensive class that consumed all of June for me ended today (perfect timing!), so with exactly 4 months to go it’s time to start training!

It’s pretty hard to find the “perfect” training plan, so awhile back I gathered some resources and sat down to put together a training plan that would work for me.  I know “cutting & pasting” training plans probably isn’t the recommended  method, but I wanted to take into consideration my summer plans and other races while incorporating speedwork and long distance runs to come up with something I would be confident I could stick to (which is really what matters!).

Training Resources

So, here are the resources I used and what I got from each:

…and of course I’m planning on incorporating lots of yoga into my training!  (Check out my Yoga for Runners series to see why I love balancing yoga and running!) 

Runners Lunge

So, with 4 months to go, I’m off and running!  

(haha, oh man, I crack myself up!)

11 thoughts on “MCM Training: A Plan

  1. Your yoga poses are always stunning. Good luck with your training. Making a plan that will work for you is most important. See you in CA soon!

  2. Ha – I do cutting and pasting of training plans as well. You have to find what works for you. Good luck with training!

    • Thanks Emily, I’m getting a little nervous since I was hoping to be a little farther along with my training than I am, but I’ll get there (hopefully!).

  3. I definitely do a cut and paste with my training plans…at least I usually do, unlike right now where I’m mostly panicking because I haven’t followed any training plan yet for Dumbo. Eek! Good luck with the training! 🙂

    • Don’t worry, you’ll be fine for Dumbo! You’ve done plenty of half marathons and adding in the 10k the day before isn’t that bad as long as you go easy!

  4. I put together my own plans too, usually based on one plan with tweaks from another that I like. I think it’s way smarter than running a cookie cutter plan. Once you’ve been running a while, you know what works for you better than a blanked plan does. Good luck with training!

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