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2012 Goals & Growth Review

With 2013 just a weekend away I figured it would be a good time to take a look back at the goals that I had set for myself in 2012.  This was actually the first year that I’ve ever set a list of goals like this for myself – let’s face it, in the past … Continue reading

The Band’s Last Gig

The Band’s Last Gig

  Today is my last day at my job. I’m excited and sad and nervous all at the same time (so I guess confused explains it best). As much as I know this is the right move for me, there are definitely things I’ll miss about it – namely a lot of the people I … Continue reading

Back to School!

I have a plan, a plan that’s going to take me 5 years! As I’ve mentioned I’m leaving my job working in sports (tomorrow!).  Since I first did an internship in college I’ve worked in professional sports in some capacity or another (PR, Community Relations, Event Presentation…) and I’ve gone from minor league teams to working … Continue reading


Can you believe it’s April already?!?  Well, I figured since the point of my writing this blog is to document my journey to “GROW” and work towards some goals I set for myself it would be a good idea to give my “2012 Goals and Growth” list a 3 month check up! On New Year’s Day I … Continue reading


So, as you may have noticed I have been somewhat “speechless” since the Walt Disney World Marathon in January – yes, there have been a few sporadic posts here and there (other than my training recaps which are really just for my purposes), but they’ve all felt some what forced. There are a few reasons … Continue reading


HAPPY NEW YEAR’S FROM PHILADELPHIA! So, here it is, my 2012 “Goals and Growth” post!  As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve never really been one to make (or keep) New Year’s Resolutions and I don’t know that I would consider these resolutions or goals so much as growth for 2012.  “Goal” can be … Continue reading


I’ve never been someone who makes New Year’s Resolutions (probably because I am also not someone who would ever keep New Year’s Resolutions).  This year though, with 2012 just a few days away, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. Deciding to run a half marathon … Continue reading