2012 Goals & Growth Review

With 2013 just a weekend away I figured it would be a good time to take a look back at the goals that I had set for myself in 2012.  This was actually the first year that I’ve ever set a list of goals like this for myself – let’s face it, in the past I’d come up with some grand ideas of things I wanted to do, but that’s about where it ended.  That changed though when I decided to run my first half marathon in memory of a friend who lost her battle with Leukemia, and this time I actually did it!

So, let’s take a look back at 2012 and see how I did!

Last year I broke my goals up in to two categories – Running / Fitness Growth (which I rocked if I do say so myself!) and Personal Growth (ummm…didn’t quite stick to the plan here).

Running / Fitness Growth

Complete a Marathon 

When I posted my 2012 goals on New Year’s Day I was scheduled to run my first marathon in just over a week so this may seem a bit silly to have had on my goals list, but I really was legitimately nervous about finishing the race since my 20 mile training runs were miserable!  It was a busy time of work for me and I was overwhelmed and exhausted and had basically come to terms with the fact that I might not make it through the 26.2 miles…but I did it!

Marathon Quote

Run 700 Miles

I officially hit 700 miles with my last Goofy back to back long runs this past weekend!

Begin Doing Yoga Regularly Again

Ok, totally rocked this one!  Not only did I start doing yoga regularly, but last week I completed my Yoga Teacher Training!  I’m loving the effect yoga has had on my running and can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with other runners and athletes!

i heart yoga

Personal Growth 

Visit Italy – not yet.  This one is hard because of our work schedules, but definitely stays on the list for next year (or until it gets checked off!).

Begin to Learn Italian – not even a little bit.  Oops.

Volunteer – not a good effort here.  I volunteered for 2 days after Hurricane Sandy but definitely not what I was hoping, also staying on the list!

As I wrote when I posted these last year, I didn’t want to consider them resolutions or goals so much as “growth”.  ”Goal” can be a scary word because if you don’t meet that goal did you fail?  Looking at the review above it looks like I failed my 2012 personal goals with flying colors!

But, while I didn’t accomplish the personal goals I thought I wanted to a year ago, I did make some major personal growth decisions this year…in fact it was a pretty big year for me!

I left my full time job in a field I’ve been in since an internship in college and decided to go back to school for something I really think I am going to enjoy – AND it’s going to take my 5 years!  It’s scary.  I’m nervous, I’m excited…but it’s something I had to try.  As far as I’m concerned even though I didn’t accomplish a single thing on my original list I give myself an A+ on personal growth for 2012!

13 thoughts on “2012 Goals & Growth Review

  1. Definitely a pass for personal growth too – changing careers is a biggie! Sometimes things come along and take priority over our planned goals, and Italy will always be there!
    One of my goals next year is to take up yoga!

    • Exactly, the way I look at it I grew…just in a different direction than planned! Good luck with the yoga, please let me know if you have any questions at all about it…I LOVE talking yoga (and running!).

  2. I’m glad to see Italy will stay on your list!! I haven’t been in several years and I really want to go back. You will love it! Learning Italian has been on my goal list for years and I still haven’t done it.

    It really is neat to look back over a year and see how far you’ve come!

    • Yes, I can’t wait to go to Italy! I’ve been with my family YEARS ago…I think I was like 13, but my husband’s never been, I’d really love for us to go together!

      I really do love having the blog to be able to look back over the past year, it makes me so glad I started it!

    • Yoga is such an amazing compliment to running, I really love what it’s done for my training this year! Good luck with your practice and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions…I love talking yoga!

  3. Congrats on the yoga teacher training completion! How awesome! Love that photo of you in front of the ocean! Wish I could do that! I either need to increase my flexibility, shorten my legs or lengthen my arms….

  4. Love it! Love that you’re pursuing your dreams, love that you’re training for Goofy, and love that you took a risk to leave your job and go for your passions.

    I think we’re on the similar (but different) paths of living life to its fullest.

    • Thanks Lisa, I know you and I have talked a bit about it in the past, but I just wasn’t happy where I was and knew I had to take a leap and make some changes…I guess we’ll see how it all works out!

      Looking forward to reading about how your new adventures go as well!

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