So, here it is, my 2012 “Goals and Growth” post!  As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve never really been one to make (or keep) New Year’s Resolutions and I don’t know that I would consider these resolutions or goals so much as growth for 2012.  “Goal” can be a scary word because if you don’t meet that goal did you fail?  I’m definitely not looking to set myself up for failure, and I’ll be fine if I don’t accomplish all of these, but I find that when I set myself a formal goal or plan I am much more likely to follow through.

Last summer I was not a runner, but I decided to run a half marathon.  Accomplishing that taught me that I really can do a lot of the things I’ve talked about doing if I set my mind to it, find the time and work hard.  It also inspired me to start this blog which, as the title suggests, is about life in general (Live), running (Run), and learning and doing new things (Grow).  So, what better time than New Year’s to outline some ways I’d like to Grow over the next year:

Running / Fitness Growth

Complete a Marathon (or another marathon…)

I know this one may sound silly since I am scheduled to run my first marathon on January 8th, but in all honestly, I am very nervous about finishing.  I definitely did not get in the amount of training I would have liked, so at this point my goal for January 8th is just to finish.  If I do finish the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 8th then this goal will be updated to: complete another marathon with proper training!

Run 700 Miles

Since I began running and tracking my mileage on RunKeeper six months ago I have run a little over 350 miles.  Instead of increasing my mileage I’d like to keep on pace with about 15 miles a week and rotate in some other workouts, like…


I haven’t been doing yoga since I moved to New York and I miss it!  I’d really like to start doing yoga again, but I’m not going to define this goal any more than that right now since how much yoga I am able to start doing is going to depend on a few things.  I’m planning on joining a gym soon and would like to find one that offers yoga classes at times that work with my schedule (unfortunately I don’t really have time to look into gyms until I get back from Florida). The Lululemon about 5 minutes from my house also offers free yoga classes on Sunday mornings I’d like to try!

Personal Growth 

Visit Italy

My husband and I have been talking about visiting Italy for a few years and I’m really hoping that we’ll get around to taking that trip this summer!  I’m going to start looking into it now so we’ll be ready when it comes time to book they trip.  To prepare I’d also like to…

Begin to Learn Italian!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but in school I always struggled with foreign languages so I’ve avoided it.  I know I’m not going to have a lot of time to dedicate to this so I’d like to start off just learning some basics for a trip to Italy this summer.


This is one I really just need to find the time for, it’s been hard to find volunteer opportunities that work with my busy schedule but I’m going to continue to look into it and hopefully I’ll find something!

These things are just a start, I’m sure I’ll add more “Grow” items throughout the year and I’ll keep them documented here on my blog.  I’ve also registered to participate in the Food Journal: 30 Day Challenge at Run To The Finish, I think it will be interesting to journal my eating habits for a month and see where I can improve and maybe see if I can find any connections between food and my migraines.

For more interesting reading on goal setting check of these blog posts:

6 thoughts on “GOALS AND GROWTH FOR 2012

  1. Thanks for sharing the link to my post!

    Gah! We’ll be back in WDW in just a few days. I’m really excited to cheer you on for the marathon, and it seems like you’ve done so much this past year.

    Here’s to 2012!

  2. Congratulafions on a big year and good luck marathon weekend. I went to Italy (Rome, Tuscany, and Florence) in December. It was the trip of a lifetime! Hope you get to go.

    • Thank you so much, I’ll post all about marathon weekend when I get back! I hope that we end up going to Italy this summer too, there is just so much to see and do I’m having trouble narrowing down where exactly we should go! Did you go on your own or with a tour group?

  3. Danielle- I have so enjoyed reading your posts- I look forward to each new one! Best of luck on Marathon day – I will be cheering you on from MA! Although my running training hasn’t been as steady as I had hoped, I am looking forward to meeting new goals in the new year!

    • Hi Jody, thank you so much for reading! It’s been fun sharing my training and experiences with everyone. Are you still hoping to do one of the Disney races soon? Please always feel free to e-mail me if you have any training questions I can help with! Also, Amanda and I go for walks whenever I am up in Massachusetts, you should join us sometime!

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