With two trips coming up I thought it would be an appropriate time to share some of my favorite travel apps! 


I love this app for keeping all of my travel plans organized!  You can keep itineraries for multiple trips and add detailed information on everything from your flights, restaurant reservations and activities. 

I love being able to look one place and see my schedule and pull up confirmation #’s or contact information.  Seriously, what did I do without this app?



Need to find a restaurant, hotel or something to do while in a new city?  TripAdvisor has it all, along with reviews from fellow travelers!  I love that they also include contact information, maps and the link to the location’s website.  I used this app a lot the last time my husband and I went to Aruba.

Undercover Tourist – Disney World

I was skeptical about this app because of the goofy looking frog, but I’m glad I tried it!  What a wealth of information!  My personal favorite part of this app is that you can look up menus for just about every dining option in Disney (table service and quick service)! 

But, it doesn’t stop there – you can check park hours, parade times, wait times, and create a schedule for your trip! 


The best way to keep up to date on the weather for where I’m headed!  I’ve been constantly checking in on Philadelphia and Orlando as I’ve been packing – weather is definitely important for both of these trips!  In Philly I’ll be at an outdoor hockey game (as of now it’s supposed to be 41 degress – could be worse I guess), and of course in Florida I’ll be running the Walt Disney World Marathon, need to know how many running layers to bring!

I also use a checklist app to keep my packing lists, it’s great to have it accessible on my phone at all times because if I don’t add something the moment I think about it I’m sure to forget it! 

I’d love to hear if anyone else has any travel apps they reccommend or if anyone has any suggestions of places to go to dinner while I’m in Philadelphia!


  1. This is a nice suite of apps you’ve put together here. I haven’t tried the Undercover Tourist app but I loved both TripIt and TripAdvisor when I tried them. The other app we used the most was actually the TV Everywhere app, which I originally heard of through my job at DISH. I was able to use my regular DISH account and at the end of a long day of site seeing we would kick back and be able to watch our local news live as it was broadcast in Denver, or watch our favorite shows off the DVR to unwind from a long day. Thanks again for the heads up on these apps!

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