Ok, so I know Christmas is over, but that’s not the type of list I’m talking about.  I’m talking packing lists!

Luckily I had today off from work because I have two separate trips coming up that I need to pack for and I desperately needed to do laundry!  So, three loads of laundry later I spent a good portion of my night packing – or at least stressing about packing.

I leave for my first trip (to Philadelphia) on Saturday, and it is actually the harder of the two to pack for – and it’s only two nights!  But, in 3 days I need clothes for:

  • New Year’s Eve Dinner
  • New Year’s Day run with a co-worker
  • Ice Skating
  • Working an event
  • Sitting and watching an outdoor hockey game

(If you haven’t guessed I am going to the NHL Winter Classic!)

My second trip, as you probably know, is down to Florida for the Walt Disney World Marathon!  I’m actually off to a good start packing for that one  (if you consider a pile of running clothes and accessories on the floor packing) thanks to the wonderful packing list Jenn has posted on Eat,Sleep,Run Disney.  Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without this list – I have it printed out and I’m actually checking stuff off as I pack!

I sort of like to pack in stages.  In Stage 1 I take out everything I may need and lay it all over the bedroom floor (my husband loves this part).  Stage 2 is walking away from the packing for a day or so while I contemplate what it is I really need to bring with me.  Stage 3 is revisiting the piles of clothes and slowly eliminating the things I decided I don’t need.  Stage 4 is putting it in a suitcase and getting ready to go!  (**Stage 5 is shoving in half of what I took out in Stage 3.)

Stage 1 Philly and Stage 1 Florida are done!  (It’s a good thing my husband is out of town for work because he’d probably freak if he saw our bedroom floor right now.)

P.S. runDisney posted their runner tracking for Marathon Weekend!  If you want to track me during the marathon you can register for updates via text, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter here!


  1. You’ve just reminded me that I should start packing tomorrow…or at least clean my bedroom so that I can start piling race crud on the floor. 🙂

  2. I spy an ‘I run for Dole Whips’ shirt. 😉 So excited for our photo together with Dole Whips in hand.

    I just took out my suitcase yesterday, and have slowly started filling it up with things I can’t forget – like my favorite fuel, this gross sweater that I need to get rid of at the start of the race, and some blogging stuff. So excited!!

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