Can you believe it’s April already?!?  Well, I figured since the point of my writing this blog is to document my journey to “GROW” and work towards some goals I set for myself it would be a good idea to give my “2012 Goals and Growth” list a 3 month check up!

On New Year’s Day I posted a list of things I hoped to accomplish/ learn/ experience in 2012, including:

  1. Complete a Marathon (or another marathon…)
  2. Run 700 Miles
  3. Yoga
  4. Visit Italy
  5. Begin to Learn Italian
  6. Volunteer

So far I’ve done much better on the top half of the list…

Complete a Marathon (or another marathon…)

I did in fact complete my first full marathon at Walt Disney World on January 8th!

The experience was amazing and I’m still planning to stick to the 2nd half of that goal (“or another marathon…”).  I’ve entered the lottery for the 2012 NYC Marathon and I’m planning on doing the “Goofy” at the WDW Marathon in 2013, which is the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday!

Run 700 Miles

As of March 31st I’m only at about 130 miles for 2012, so I’m not quite where I should be at this point to reach my goal, but I’m sure my mileage will pick up as I start training for some some fall races and “Goofy” in January.


I’ve always really enjoyed yoga, but since we’ve moved to New York I just never got around to either joining a gym that offered classes or finding a studio.  Well, at the beginning of March I got a 1 month “new student” trial at a studio near me and have gone to classes a couple of times a week – I am absolutely LOVING IT!

I know a lot of people find running relaxing, and a great way to de-stress, but to be honest when I’m running I still think about work and whatever else may be stressing me.  At yoga I am so focused on the teacher’s voice leading the class through the poses and my body position that I’m not thinking of anything else!  I’ve really enjoyed the past month of yoga and would love to not only continue to go to classes, but start practicing at home either with DVD’s, or a yoga app (so far I really like Pocket Yoga).

Visit Italy and Begin to Learn Italian

Ummm, yeah…I should probably get started on the “Learning Italian” especially if we still want to go to Italy this summer!  Depending on the next month or two a trip to Italy may need to be postponed to next year.  Either way I need to break out the Rosetta Stone and get started!


My problem with this one is that most places want some sort of regular volunteer schedule, which unfortunately because of my varying work scheduled I can’t give them right now.

I did start talking to someone about doing some social media work for a non-profit which I was really excited about, but it seems to have fizzled out – I’m still hoping that the project will move forward, otherwise I still need to work on fulfilling this goal!


When I decided to set some goals for myself at the start of the year I didn’t want them to be a chore, I wanted them to be things I’ve been meaning to do, or always wanted to do that I just sort of needed a push on (I tend to be a BIT of a procrastinator!).  Using the blog to help keep me accountable has been great and I really do love that I’m finally moving forward and accomplishing some of these things!  I’ll check back in with another update in a few months!

And just for fun, here’s a picture of me at our subway launch event today:

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