Weekly Training Recap

I’m sort of back and forth on what to do with these “Weekly Training Recaps” I feel like they’re probably boring for you all to read, but at the same time this is really the only place I track my workouts!

I haven’t written one in a few weeks, so I’m playing catch up while I decide if I’m going to continue posting them or not (thoughts??).

RECAP (9/14-9/20)

Tues –  5 mile run / Thurs – 3 mile run / Sun – 20 mile run

Yes, we actually did plan our 20 mile run to finish right at Friendly’s!  Let me tell you the thought of that chocolate-peanut butter milkshake is what got me through those last 5 miles!

Post-Run Friendly's

Weekly Mileage –  28 miles 


Taper time!  Focusing on short runs, foam rolling & hydrating!

Tues – 5 mile run / Fri – 3 mile run / Sat – 75 minute yoga class / Sun – 8 mile run, stretching & foam rolling

Weekly Mileage – 16 miles


Tues – 3.5 mile run / Thurs – 3 mile run / Sun – 8 miles, stretching & foal rolling

Weekly Mileage – 14.5

 2015 Mileage – 635 miles

I know 635 miles through 9 months isn’t anything impressive, but I just looked back at my total mileage at this time last year and I am almost 120 miles ahead of where I was last year!  

I’ve always run fairly low mileage despite training for marathons, but it’s good to see that maybe I can handle more, I’ll have to keep that in mind for future marathon training plans! 

I’ve also been spending some time planning out upcoming trip to DC for the Marine Corps Marathon (and studying for GRE’s as you can see!).  I’d love any tips – favorite restaurants? “must-do” sightseeing?

DC & GRE book

I’m also LOVING these 2XU compression pants I’m getting to try out through BibRave!  I’ve been working them for both post-run recovery and a few shorter runs and my legs feel great!
2XU pantsI’ll have a full review coming up soon, but if you want to try out some 2XU gear for yourself you can use code “BIBRAVE20” to get 20% off your order!

Next Week

Lots of foam rolling & hydrating!

We’ll most likely go to the expo on Thursday afternoon and then the Hartford Marathon is Saturday morning!

What are your taper tips?

Thought on weekly recap posts?? (Be honest!)



3 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I feel the same way about posting weekly training recaps (which is maybe why I can never seem to keep up with them). But, if it helps, I actually like reading about where other runners are in their training, what works for them, etc. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

    • I kind of do it. I may not really read all the details, but I find it interesting to see what others run on a regular basis and what they do for training. Honestly, my training is about as minimal as you can get to run a marathon so sometimes I think it’s good for people to see you don’t need to be running like 50 mile weeks!

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