Monday Morning Marathon Motivation

With less than a week to go to the Hartford Marathon, the countdown is on!  The training is done and now it’s time to focus on getting our bodies and minds ready by fueling well, hydrating, foam rolling and some positive thinking!

As many of you know, both Jason and I used to work in professional sports.  Last week Jason decided to take a page out of one of his old coaches play-books to help harness the power of positive thinking, so everyday leading up to the marathon we’ve each been finding a motivational quote and hanging it on the refridgerator next to our training plan!

refridgerator quotes

It’s been a fun and positive way for us to share our excitement as we get ready for this race – not to mention who couldn’t use a little positive thinking heading into a marathon?!

I’d love to hear…

how do you stay positive leading up to a marathon

or on race day?

Mantras? Writing something on your hand? 

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Marathon Motivation

  1. Hey Dani…. I love the motivational suggestion. I have several quotes over my desk at work to help get me through the day. Unfortunately, they are somewhat dated, so I will be searching for some new inspiration. ….dad

  2. When I ran my goal marathon race trying to qualify for Boston, I wrote on my pace band, “Go Christine Go” since she was trying to get a PR at her half marathon the same day. Focusing on her instead of myself was very helpful. When I found out she had crushed her goal (Tom shouted out to me her time when I was at about the 16 mile mark) my pace got crazy fast momentarily because I was so excited. Meghan, my race day buddy reined me in quickly, but it was kinda funny! I think motivational quotes on a hand can be helpful too, I love one of my coaches quotes, “feeling strong and looking gorgeous”!

  3. Love that! I use positive self talk and imagery. Just yesterday, I tried the shoes I’m going to wear for Philly Half for the first time and said (out loud), “These are the shoes I’m going to run 1:59:59 in.” During a tempo run, I imagined myself at Mile 10, running strongly, then crossing the finish line and seeing a “1” on my watch. Any little chance to tell myself something positive or think something positive about the race, I take! Excited for you!

  4. I suck at staying positive before the race. So I’ve got nothing for ya, haha. The only thing I try to do is remind myself that I put in the miles and did the work, and try to think of the marathon as my victory lap and enjoy the moment/experience as much as I can!

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